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Posted by Kayleigh on 9th Aug 2021

Post Pregnancy Style Staples

So, you’ve done the pregnancy and labour and now you’ve got the most perfect baby, so exciting! But we know how difficult it can be to dress to suit your body after all of the changes it has gone through, with so many different options and styles it can be super overwhelming to find a style that you’re comfortable with. Good thing you have us coming through with a handy guide of the style staples you need post pregnancy!

Nursing tops

Newsflash: fashion doesn’t have to be uncomfortable! With so many people working from home in the past year and living in their comfy clothes (guilty!), comfort is definitely beginning to take a front seat when it comes to our fashion priorities! We’re obsessed with these cute nursing tops from mamalicious. These ultra comfortable tops have a wrap effect that’s ideal for breastfeeding mums while also coming in adorable colours and prints for maximum comfort and style!


A blazer and loose fitting t-shirt is another staple for new mums if you’re looking for something a little more dressy! While a loose fitting shirt tucked into your favourite jeans does a great job of covering the stomach area, a tailored blazer adds a bit of structure to the shoulders and arms in a really flattering way, the perfect way to pull the whole outfit together!


I know it will be hard to switch up your favourite leggings for a pair of jeans but just hear us out! Firstly, don’t be in any rush to throw out your maternity jeans! It can take up to 8 weeks for your uterus to return to it’s previous size, so if maternity jeans are what you’re most comfortable in during this time, stick with them for a few more weeks!

After this, don’t be afraid to size up in your jeans, a good fitting, comfortable pair of jeans is always the end goal! If you have a longer torso I would go for a high waisted jean to balance this out, or if you aren’t quite ready to return to the skinny jeans go for a straight legged pair, which is super flattering as well as bang on trend right now!


Dresses are one of those things that can be so hard to get right! We always suggest a wrap style when it comes to post pregnancy dresses. The wrap style is an absolute must for breast feeding mums with the wrapover material at the bust area making it more accessible. In addition to this the tie at the waistline pulls in the waist creating an hourglass figure and the skirt is usually a looser fit and skims over the stomach area.

Another option is a dress that drapes rather than clings to the stomach area. This Girl In Mind dress is the perfect example! The high waist and gathering around this area draws attention to the waistline while the flowy material of the skirt drapes over the stomach area in a really natural way.


Note to self: accessories are our new best friend! This is the perfect way to add a touch of personality to any outfit and can also be super flattering! If you go for a longer necklace that ends below the cleavage area will elongate the body in a really slimming way while a pair of dangly earrings will brighten up an outfit and draw attention to your face!

Ysabel Mora:

Post maternity style 101: don’t be afraid of shapewear! We’re obsessed with these pieces from Ysabel Mora if you’re on the hunt for basics that will have you looking and feeling amazing! These are great for pulling in the stomach area for a really flattering effect!


Mums that are due in the next few weeks: we’ve got some good news for you, cardigans are a current style staple! An oversized cardigan creates a really slimming silhouette paired with even the most basic outfit. In addition to this, a button down cardigan is super useful to throw on when you’re cold or answering the door to unexpected visitors while also being the perfect style for breastfeeding!


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