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Posted by Kayleigh on 21st Mar 2022

Pleated Skirts-Flattering Or Not?

If you know us by now, you'll know that we're major lovers of a good old pleated skirt! This style is often looser fitting in a way that can skim over the tummy and hips in a super natural way, yet some people can feel that the pleats can create unwanted volume at the bottom of the body. We're here to solve this argument once and for all, and see exactly how flattering these skirts are!

Pleated dresses are a great way of adding volume to a straighter body to create the illusion of curves as this will often disguise a smaller bust. The elasticated waistline of this one will enhance the curves further by drawing attention to the waist, while still feeling 100% comfortable!


While some people feel that a pleated skirt adds unnecessary volume to the body, it often has the opposite effect. The looser fabric of this skirt along with the added structure of the pleats causes the skirt to flow away from the body, without the added structure and volume that a skater style can add.This is even more flattering when the skirt or dress features a more fitted top that will add balance and contrast the loose fit of the skirt in such a lovely way!


Another issue that people can have with these skirts is a fear that they will swallow a more petite frame. Fear not! A pleated skirt paired with a top of a similar colour, or a pleated dress that's one colour all over will create one long visual column of colour, which has a naturally elongated effect on the body. What else could you ask for?


These styles are often more waist enhancing, due to the contrast between the fitted top and volume at the bottom of the body, and a dress that features a band or other details at the waistline will draw the eye to this area and define the waist further, giving us that envied hourglass shape!


As much as we love a good pleated midi skirt, this style is often just as flattering in a shorter hemline that will allow you to show off your legs for a super slimming effect. The less structured pleats of this one will also give the skirt a more casual, relaxed feel that would be perfect for day to day wear!



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