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Posted by Kayleigh on 24th Jan 2022

Pearls Of Wisdom: How To Style This 2022 Trend!

2022 is already set to be a HUGELY exciting year for fashion! From long awaited (or dreaded, it really depends on who you ask) return of 80's fashion, to tailored suits, to pleating and ruching detailing on our clothing. But the one that I was most surprised at has been the predicted trend of pearls. But let me tell you, after hearing this I've been seeing pearls E V E R Y W H E R E! It really seems that people can't get enough of them. But why?

Although the use of pearls in clothing and accessories has been traced back to Ancient Greece, they really gained popularity in the 1900's as they became more accessible after methods of manufacturing and culturing pearls were discovered. Pearls in fashion symbolized a lot, from being likened to the moon and magical properties to their use as mourning jewellery as they symbolized tears. With the rise in popularity of historical dramas last year, from The Crown to Bridgerton, we've been seeing so many people rocking clothing and accessories from these eras. The only issue seems to be that pearls often have more old fashioned connotations. So where exactly does this classy, sophisticated feel fit into the more youthful, playful styles that we've been loving in the past year?

We've been seeing so many jumpers with pearl detailing, and I feel like this is such a subtle way of adding pearls to your outfits. The contrast between such a simple style like this collared jumper, and the detail that the pearls bring really adds a fun touch of personality to the outfit and is the perfect way to show off your original style while also being totally wearable and appropriate for day to day wear.


Casuals have become such a huge part of day-to-day fashion, and adding pearls to your t-shirts is the perfect way to make this trend more modern and wearable, as well as giving you plenty of chances to rock this trend! The pearls of this slogan t-shirt brings a certain feminine detail to such a casual style staple. This one is super easy to pair with jeans for a chic weekend look that will really allow the pearl tshirt to be the talking point of your outfit.


Mismatched jewellery is set to be super popular in the next few months, and this is yet another way that you can add a more modern feel to the pearl trend. When you think about pearl jewellery one of the first things that come to mind will be a pair of simple, dainty pearl earrings but we've been seeing so many people pairing these earrings with more casual hoops for an on trend relaxed look.


I've always thought that there was something so beautiful about pearl hair accessories, whether it's a simple pearl hair clip or a full on pearl encrusted hairband. While pearl hairpieces were usually confined to weddings in the past, we've started seeing them a lot more in casual wear, just like this embellished scrunchie. This really adds a fun detail to pull your whole outfit together, while scarf style scrunchies like this one are one of my favourite ways of adding a bit of volume to your hair!


Although this almost seems to be the default, small dainty pearls aren't necessarily the vibe this year. We've been seeing so much fun and originality being injected into style in the past year as people rediscovered a real love of fashion and expressing themselves through fashion. With this in mind, we've been seeing a lot more pearl detailing with different colours and unique shapes as a way to stand out.



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