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Posted by Kayleigh on 12th Nov 2021

Party Prep Has Well And Truly Begun: Get Ready For Our Fake Tan Favourites!

The time for occasions has come, and along with it has been the return of one of our favourite traditions: tanning Thursdays! I don’t know about you but I always find my tan running out at the worst times during party season, and either risking it by only tanning the areas that are showing (this usually ends in milky white arms and bronzed hands!) or having a total meltdown and refusing to leave the house. But this year I’m not letting the tan shortage get the best of me! I’m getting ready to bulk buy my favourite tans, and I’ve asked (or forced, whatever way you look at it!) some of the GTT Girls to share some of their favourite tan hacks with me to create a shortcut to a flawless tan all season! But next comes the difficult part: which tan will I choose?

The SOSU Dripping Gold Luxury Tan has been one of our favourites  for years! The lightweight formula means that it sinks really nicely into the skin for a natural look. I absolutely love the radiant glow that comes from this tan and the best part is that there is absolutely no trace of that tan smell that so many other formulas have! It’s also super moisturising as it contains hyaluronic acid meaning that not only does it look amazing but it’s also easy on the skin.


Another tan that bypassed the whole tan smell route (I can’t quite explain what tan smell is, but let’s face it we all know it!) has been our bBold tan which is made with a blend of calla lilly, pink peony and vanilla orchid. It’s super quick drying meaning that you’re not awkwardly waddling around the house in a pair of oversized shorts in the middle of winter while you wait for your tan to dry! As well as this it contains Aloe Vera which is always a plus as it’s super soothing on the skin after a tan prep routine of scrubbing and shaving.


This tan by Bare By Vogue is a skincare product and a self tanner all in one! The formula contains Super Peptides to smooth, plump and firm the skin as well as improve elasticity. Not only this but it’s fast drying and shows up on your skin in just 4-8 hours making it the perfect option for those last minute nights out!


Now for the important part: our tried and true tricks to a glowing tan!

My personal favourite is setting my fake tan with setting powder, this is particularly useful on the inside of the knees and elbows as well as on my neck and chest (Basically anywhere I feel that my tan doesn’t take) and it usually ends in a streak free tan! I’ve also found that this drastically minimises the amount of tan on my bedsheets throughout the week!


Meggie, our skincare guru, swears by moisturising and scrubbing as the perfect way to achieve that flawless glow! This removes dead skin cells and reveals fresh skin, ready and primed to absorb the tan evenly to allow you to glow for longer! Gina who is part of our warehouse team takes this one step further and in fact exfoliates and moisturises for a week before an event, that’s commitment! Another one of Gina’s tricks is to use a hairdryer todry and set her tan. After doing this for years she swears that the heat from the hairdryer helps her skin absorb the tan! She reasons that it’s the exact same as drying off after the sun beds, after which Billy from our dispatch team added that he loves a good sun bed session before he heads off on holidays!

Carmel from our marketing team moisturises her hands and knees before tanning and finds that she never ends up with tan gathering around her knuckles! This seems to be one of our more popular tricks, as at least 5 more staff members throughout the day responded with “did you get moisturising your hands yet?” when I asked them.

Ellen from our marketing team started earlier this week with her power blazers and her flawless tan and swears by our sosu kabuki brush for blending tan on her hands. This works especially well with the SoSu miracle water for a natural radiant glow! She also noted seeing online that people have started shaving after they tan, and I’ll be honest with you girls… I don’t know how we feel about this one!




Lisa’s tanning advice was simple. If you think you need more tan on your hands, we can firmly say that you don’t. I’ve woken up so many mornings with the dreaded tan hands, which led to half an our of furious scrubbing before eventually giving up! Your hands are one of the most difficult places to judge whether you have enough tan, but we think this rule is foolproof!

Angeline’s favourite trick was the Tan Republic bags. Girls, let me tell you how much this product changed my life! Gone are the days of my bedclothes constantly being stained with fake tan, and the best part is that the satin feel of this sheet protector makes it super comfortable, making for a comfortable and stress free nights sleep!


Anne’s favourite hack was one that we had never heard of before, as she applies oil over her tan before bed every night (just as I was wondering would it be totally stupid to ask her is she means oil as in vegetable oil, she clarified that she in fact meant body oil, saving me plenty of embarrassment that I absolutely did not need on a Friday afternoon) She finds that this moisturises her skin as well as giving her tan a radiant glow!


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