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Posted by Kayleigh on 23rd Sep 2021

Outfits To Bring You From 9AM to 9PM

I’m about to let you all in on a GTT Exclusive: While most of our lunchtime conversations revolve around what movies make us cry and our favourite Oliva Rodrigo songs (riveting stuff!) but when it comes to a Friday, these conversations go out the window and all we want to talk about is A) Is anyone doing anything nice this weekend? And B) What are you going to wear? This will generally result in an impromptu fashion show come 4pm. After months of lockdown, we’re finally able to go for that girls night that we’ve been waiting ages for. Only now, when our schedules are so jam packed, we barely have time to change our clothes between times. The answer to this? Not changing our outfits at all! Ladies, we present to you, the perfect ‘fits to bring you from 9am to 9pm, from the desk to drinks, from coffee to cocktails (I’m sure you get the picture!)

Firstly, it’s no secret that a day dress is the answer to 90% of our fashion problems. This is one of the most truly versatile styles! A mini dress can be dressed down super easily with tights and boots for one of our favourite Autumn looks right now. All you need to do is ditch the tights, swap the boots for your favourite heels and change out your sensible work bag for a black clutch bag and you’re good to go! This one from Girl In Mind is a current personal fave!


Not a mini dress kind of girl? A midi dress will do the trick just as well! GTT’s very own Tina is a pro at High-low dressing and rocking a midi dress with trainers and a jumper layered over it for a casual look during the day. It’s just as easy to dress this one up with heels or biker boots for an edgier look and swapping out your cosy knit for a leather jacket!



As much as we love to dress up, we would be lying if we tried to pretend that jeans and a nice top aren’t our go to! There’s a reason that this phrase has become iconic, because it always seems to work! This is beyond versatile, especially if you’re workplace is a bit more casual and you’re able to wear jeans. A pair of black jeans somehow manages to look dressy and appropriate for the office while still looking chic for a night out!


This emerald green top is the perfect one to bring you from day to night! While the neckline is high enough for the dress to be worn to work with black trousers, the bright colour and puff shoulders make sure that the top is on trend enough for a super cute outfit for dinner with the girls that night!



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