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Posted by Kayleigh on 2nd Apr 2022

Our Go-To Outfits For When You're Feeling Bloated!

Everybody has those days where you wake up and just feel a little bit rubbish, those days where nothing you put on quite looks right. That dress that always makes you feel amazing now clings to every little lump and bump, or those jeans that you get complimented on every time you wear them feel uncomfortable. You know, those days where all you want to do is cancel all of your plans for the day, put on your joggers and an old t-shirt and just crawl back into bed? It often feels like nothing can make those days better, but what if we were to tell you that you can make a capsule wardrobe out of clothes that you can still wear (and feel amazing in) even when you're feeling bloated?

A simple shirt dress is always such a versatile style, that can help you look and feel amazing. The style of this dress generally isn't overly fitted, meaning that it will hang from the shoulders rather than clinging to your tummy and mid section, while the tie waist is such a simple way to draw attention to the waistline while still being 100% comfortable! Not only this, but this is our go-to style to bring you from day to night, as it can be worn with tights and boots and dressed up with heels just as easily!


We've never made a secret of our love of leather look leggings, and while some people may cringe at the thought of wearing this style staple for fear that it they will be unflattering, but we love out leathers for the opposite reason as they will often pull in the tummy area for a slimming effect. Still not convinced? Pairing a relaxed fit jumper will cover the tummy while the leather leggings still add a dressy feel to the outfit!



If you were to walk into the GTT office on any given day, you would be sure to find at least one of us wearing running leggings and a hoodie, and this just so happens to be an outfit that never fails when we're feeling bloated! Not only will this make for maximum comfort (we dare you to find something more comfortable!) our Bali Leggings are not only super comfortable, but the thicker material and high waisted style pull in the tummy area for a flattering, streamlined silhouette! The relaxed fit of the hoodie will again cover the tummy and mid section for a flattering, yet comfortable look!



Another one of our hacks when we're feeling bloated? It's as simple as layering a cardigan over your dress! A relaxed fit cardigan in particular will really flatter the silhouette while also covering the tummy. This is one of my own favourites when I want to get dressed up while still feeling comfortable!




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