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Posted by Kayleigh on 9th Dec 2021

Our Favourite Ways Of Covering The Tummy

If there's anything we've learned in the past few years, whether it's been through our own thoughts, conversations with our friends, or through the constant wave of social media posts about body positivity every time we open Instagram, it's that nobody has the perfect body. Everybody has their "problem area" that literally nobody else can see apart from them, whether it's your arms that never seem to change,or the genetically passed down legs (thanks for that one Dad!) but for most women it just so happens to be their stomach. I feel that this is the one area that stops me from wearing that bodysuit or has been completing 5 outfit changes when I'm running late in the mornings, but it's well and truly time to put a stop to this! And today we're going to start with finding the right top!

Sometimes the solution to covering the tummy is really as simple as drawing the eye somewhere else! A great way to do this is with an embellished neckline such as a collar or jewel neckline, or even a flattering neckline like our favourite square neck. This top from Ivy Lane features a V neck which is always quite a flattering style. This draws the attention to the bust area and away from the mid section, in addition to this a longer neckline like this one will elongate the torso and make it seem visually more narrow 


The style and cut of your top can also make a real difference to your body shape! This top from Only is narrow until it gets to the waist and has a more flowy feel from the waist down. This defines the waist at it's most narrow point and skims over the stomach area in a really natural way. The square neckline of this one is always flattering as it shows off the collarbones, drawing the eye upwards and away from the stomach.


Another important factor is the material, a fitted style with a clingy material will really draw attention to the belly, while a more relaxed fit with a loose and lightweight material will hang from the shoulders and skim over the top of the body for a really slimming look. We always love these oversized sweatshirts with a more fitted style on the bottom to still show off the body and stop the figure from looking as if it's hiding under too much material!


When it comes to dressing to hide the tummy, patterns can be a controversial topic. While some people swear by their leopard print and florals, others advise that we stick to block colours...there doesn't seem to be a right answer! But I really find that patterned tops are a great way of avoiding too much attention to one area as well as taking attention away from any stubborn lumps and bumps. When looking at a print we often look at the print as a whole rather than focusing on one part of it, so it makes sense that when you find yourself looking in a mirror while wearing a printed top your eyes will bounce around to take in the full top rather than look at the one area that you're uncomfortable with!


Most days that I'm feeling a little bit more bloated than usual my first thought is...well my first thought is usually something along the lines of "A second helping at dinner last night? What was I thinking?!) But my second thought is to throw on a cardigan over my outfit. I usually find that this is a really easy way to hide the tummy, even more when I'm turned to the side, which is when I find my belly more obvious. This layer usually has a slimming effect on the body when the cardigan is a looser fit with a lightweight material rather than something that clings to the body. It's always a great idea to go for a longline style instead of a cropped style that will fall at the waist or hips and draw unwanted attention to these areas!


It's no secret that we love wrap dresses, and we love this style in a top just as much! This is another flattering style due to the V neck as well as the tie at the waist to define the waist and lift the bust in a really natural way which will draw attention away from the tummy, which is hidden under the more lightweight material that flows really nicely below the waist to skim over the stomach rather than cling to it. The diagonal lines of this one will also draw the eye across the body rather than straight on.



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