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Posted by Kayleigh on 28th Sep 2021

One Of The Greatest Fashion Questions Answered: What Style Of Jeans To Wear For Your Leg Length!

One of the greatest struggles of shopping is finding the right jeans, and don’t we know it! When it comes to dresses and tops, it can be difficult enough to get the right style to suit your body shape but when it comes to jeans you have to deal with finding the right pair to suit your shape as well as the right pair to suit your leg length, talk about overwhelming! The majority of ladies don’t have an average leg length, and will either have a longer or shorter leg and the wrong pair of jeans can exaggerate this in an unflattering way, no pressure or anything!

Shorter leg girls, we know exactly how you feel! A lot of us in GTT are under 5’5 and know the struggle of finding the right length jeans all too well. 9 days out of 10 we’ll be wearing jeans rolled up at the hems or taken up by Tina, GTT’s resident Fairy Godmother and an absolute genius when it comes to clothes! But realising that not everyone has daily access to GTT’s Tina, and that rolled up jeans can often make the leg look shorter (sob!) we’ve broken down the best styles to lengthen your legs. You can thank us later!

Gen Z girls, look away, you won’t want to hear this! Skinny jeans are a go-to for a girl with shorter legs, and it will hug the legs to visually lengthen them. But if you’re on the hunt for a wider leg (we understand, comfort is key after all!) a straight legged jean does this just as well. A pair of jeans will also really drive this home and elongate your legs that bit further. These styles are also super easy to hem without affecting the shape of the jean too much.



Another tip when it comes to the style of jeans is that ankle grazers are always a great style to go for. This avoids the dreaded bunches of extra material at your ankles, which will always make your legs look shorter than they are.


High waisted jeans are another style that you absolutely need in your wardrobe as they’re almost like a cheat code for elongating your legs, and will also define your waist. This style would be best in a solid wash that won’t break up the lines of the silhouette, like a pair of faded jeans might.


Long legged girls, we see you and your struggle! While it’s super easy for girls with shorter legs to tailor their jeans to suit their legs, this is difficult for taller girls, as it’s not like you can simply add more material to your jeans! This means that you’re relying a lot more on the cut and style of jeans.

Enter: wide legged jeans! This style will really do a great job of accentuating your long legs, as well as creating a flattering silhouette that will highlight your curves. And the best part? They’re casual and oh so comfortable!


Flares in particular will be an amazing style for your leg length. This cut will usually hug your hips and bum area, while also adding volume at the bottom of the legs that will give the body a balanced effect that will create an hourglass figure. The below pair are also available in a 34 leg, you're welcome girls!


When it comes to high waisted jeans it can be so hard to get it right with long legs! Tall girls may have a naturally higher waistline, meaning that the waist of the jeans will be a little bit too low to fall at your waist so it can be difficult to find the right measurements to accentuate your waist in a really natural way.



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