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7th Jan 2022

New Year, New Me, And The Hottest New Trends!

2021 was a whole fashion journey that explored everything from the comeback of 70’s fashion to the long awaited (or long dreaded for some) return of Y2K fashion, from minimalistic outfits of neutral tones to the bright glittering sequins of party season, and from our love of oversized clothing to skin baring cutout details. 2021 was all about taking risks with fashion and we already know that 2022 will be no different!

One of the major trends at the end of 2021 was skin baring cut out details and 60’s style mini skirts, and we were so happy to see that it’s sticking around for 2022! This trend was used by designers to empower women that had been effected by the Covid-19 pandemic and since then has been one of our favourite ways of turning heads and taking fashion risks.


With the return of early 00’s fashion, corset tops made a huge comeback, and it seems that 2022 will take a more modern twist on this fashion favourite. We absolutely love this style as a way to emphasise your curves and pull in the waist.


As people were working from home so much in the past two years (brb currently having an existential crisis at the fact that it’s been almost two years since we had anything close to a normal life!) the idea of workwear has almost been like a fantasy. In the days spent in pyjama bottoms paired with dressy tops for zoom meetings, some of us dreamed of returning to the office. Some longed for a routine, others missed the unbeatable workplace gossip while a lot of us just couldn’t wait to make our co-workers jealous with a killer office wardrobe. For this reason, tailored suits are set to be a huge trend in 2022.


It seems that pinterest has been the answer to the majority queries, as I’ve spent many a day searching for outfit inspo, so of course we had to consult them when it came to forecasting the biggest trends for 2022! It seems that pearl detailing is set to be huge this year, and we can’t help but love this feminine twist. However, it doesn’t seem to be constricted to the simple pearl necklaces and earrings of the past as we’ve recently been seeing pearls on shoes, hair accessories and pearl details on clothing to being a classy feel to these simple styles.


The “underwear is outwerwear” trend is a sure fire way to turn heads and take a major trend when it comes to fashion, and experts say that we’re sure to see bralette style tops a lot this year. We’ve been loving seeing these styles layered under a blazer for a night out, with high waisted loose fitting jeans to bring a feminine feel to a masculine ‘fit, or underneath an off shoulder jumper for a relaxed day-to-day look.


Another expected trend that we’re super excited to see is ruched and pleated detailing on dresses. This is one of our favourite ways of adding a little bit of drama to a dress and is always a flattering detail, whether it’s a pleated skirt that creates volume on the bottom of the body or a dress featuring ruched material that covers the midsection and draws attention to the waistline!



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