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Posted by Kayleigh on 13th Feb 2022

Mixed Prints Is the New Black!

Of all the 2022 trends we've seen forecasted for the next year, there's one that has intrigued us a little bit more than others. Costume Bin Dressing, otherwise known as Chaos Couture which is my new favourite style description, is the idea of mixing prints and textures to create one fun, ever so slightly chaotic in the best way, outfit. However, it can be difficult to mix prints without the outfit seeming too overpowering, here are some of our favourite ways to mix prints for an effortlessly cool, on trend look!

Contrast print sizes, pair a ditsy floral skirt with a top with thick stripes, If you want florals to be the focus go for bigger florals paired with a small polka dot print. While it can be difficult to get a floral pattern right, in particular when dealing with on-trend oversized florals, it can be difficult to stop it from looking too outdated. Stripes will do a really great job of modernising this without taking away from the romantic, feminine feel of our beloved florals. Layering a striped jumper over this mini dress will immediately upgrade your look while keeping you comfortable.



Polka dots on the other hand, automatically create a preppy feel, while animal print contrasts this with a touch of edge and makes the 'fit seem more on-trend and playful.



Important to stick to the same colour palette to keep the outfit looking put together and intentional, don't be afraid to go for neutrals here as this will make the print stand out and stop the outfit from being too overpowering. The mint green tones throughout this floral skirt and stripe jumper will create an effortlessly cool look.



If you're still getting used to mixing prints, it makes it that little bit easier when you introduce a solid piece that will break up the outfit and make it a little bit more wearable for day to day. This can be something as simple as a blazer paired with a mix print dress to make the outfit feel more toned down.



As much as we love our florals, you can take today's  blog as a love letter to stripes! Stripes are almost like the neutrals of the print world in a way that they're understated enough to not only look great with any other print, but to really elevate your look. If you have a bold printed skirt that you fell in love with and it almost seems to be too cool to simply pair with a white t-shirt, a striped top will do the same job here while making the outfit seem effortlessly cool.



Print doesn't always have to stop with clothes, accessories will be just as effective and can really add a point of interest to your outfit in such a simple, understated way!



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