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Posted by Kayleigh on 1st Mar 2022

Mini Skirts? Unprofessional? Is This A Joke? (Also Known as "An Ode To Tights")

There was a moment last summer where if you had listened carefully you would have faintly heard the echoed cheers of the GTT Team when we found out that mini skirts were making a comeback. As an office consisting mostly of girls below 5'5, our love for the shorter hemline is endless, and now that we officially know they're back on trend there's nothing that can stop us from rocking our favourite style all day every day. We've already made the necessary adjustments to make the mini dress a staple of our work wardrobe, and here's how you can do the same!

I hate to be dramatic here, but skorts changed our lives. There, I said it! This allows you to partake in the mini skirt trend and show off these pins, while still having 100% comfort and support. I know I say this a lot but really, what more do you need? Say goodbye to the days of being afraid to bend down to low in your beloved mini skirts!


Yes, we love tight skirts that make our butts look amazing just as much as the rest of you, but is there anything worse than your skirt riding up throughout the day as you're just going about your business? For this reason, a looser skirt is often better for day to day wear, as this will allow for movement that little bit more, and save you the hassle of tugging on your hemline all day to keep it suitable for day to day wear!


Say it with me: "layering is my friend"! This is a great way to break up the lines of the outfit while also adding another level of comfort and security, in particular to the back of the skirt. There are so many ways of doing this, whether you're gong for a relaxed cardigan or a dressy blazer. You really can't go wrong with this step!


I want you to just take a minute to appreciate tights...

Are you done? Now I don't use the word "wardrobe staple" lightly (cue flashbacks to the thousand or so times I've used this exact phrase in these blogs in the past few months) but when it comes to tights, I mean it! This essential has saved so many fashion emergencies and have been the answer to so many of our questions, from "I want to wear this cute skirt, but every time I step out the door I feel like I'm stepping directly into the Arctic Tundra, what do I do?" to "I want to wear this cute skirt but I was too lazy to tan my legs this week, what do I do?" to "I want to wear this cute skirt but don't want to look like I'm fresh off a night out,  what do I do?"

Tights will cover up that skin (obvs!) and leave your outfit looking perfectly appropriate for day to day!


After being introduced to the wonder that is the skort, we decided to take matters into our own hands. Thus was born the phenomenon of wearing cycle shorts underneath our mini skirts and dresses! This will again add an element of comfort and support (also when going for a bare legged look in the summer, stops the uncomfortable feeling of your legs rubbing together while you're walking, you can thank us later!) not to mention puts a stop to the fear of your skirt blowing up with the good old ever so reliable Irish weather!


Finally, balancing out the look with a longer sleeve on top to cover up is the perfect way to trick the eye and make the outfit seem more appropriate for the office, especially when you're forgoing tights and braving it in a bare leg! We always love the preppy feel of a mini skirt paired with a knit jumper or cardigan for a more relaxed look!




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