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Posted by Kayleigh on 25th Apr 2022

Matching Your Dress To Your Shoes!

With Occasion Season coming up, we're once again preparing to face one of our biggest struggles: finding a dress that we love only for us to struggle to find a pair of shoes to give them justice. As much as I would love to be a "shoe girl" with an endless wardrobe of heels, 9 times out of 10 I end up wearing rose gold heels from 5 years ago (is rose gold even a thing anymore??) or classic nude heels that I got complimented on once the first time I wore them and have worn them at every opportunity since (seriously, the heels are worn down and I'm still trying to plan my outfits around them, hoping that I'll get one more summer out of these poor court heels!) I hate to admit this, but Carrie Bradshaw would be disappointed in my underwhelming shoe game! However, this year I'm determined to make a change. It's no secret that shoes can completely change up your outfit, and I'm ready to finally choose the perfect heels to really make my countless dresses pop!

As much as we would love to pretend that we're in full glam all day every day, the truth of the matter is that 90% of the GTT Girls struggle majorly with wearing heels. When a new dream shoe arrives in with us, the first question is usually "is it a stiletto though?" So I'm sure you can imagine the excitement when the shoebox is opened to reveal a block heel! This style distributes the weight evenly for total comfort and looks amazing with so many dress styles! And the best part is, this style looks amazing with most styles! However, we love a block heel with a loose fitting midi for a relaxed summery look!



There's something that we love about a statement shoe! We're loving strappy lace up heels at the minute as a way to really elongate the legs, and find that these styles look even better with a mini dress to really allow the shoes to shine. As much as we love a midi dress, when this style is paired with a lace up heel, the outfit can almost feel overwhelming or as if there's too much going on due to the material of the dress being so close to the straps of the heels, while a shorter style does the opposite!



There's something so edgy about a chunky sandal (as well as something oh so 90's!) and we love mixing vibes with these ultra casual sandals and a flirty, feminine dress! This immediately adds a more casual, relaxed feel to our favourite midi dresses to make them perfect for day to day wear, and give us the perfect chance to wear our occasion dresses again. Not to mention being super comfortable!



We could honestly write a book about how much we love a dress and trainers during the summer! This is one of our favourite ways to rock a day dress or add a more casual feel to our occasion dresses! Instead of a fitted, tailored dress, we love this style with a more flowy, relaxed fit dress to really give us that casual vibe. When wearing a high topped style like this one that cuts off at the ankle, it's better to pair with a mini dress to still give the legs that elongated look, rather than a midi dress that cuts off mid calf which, when paired with a high top shoe can make the legs seem shorter than they are!




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