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Posted by Kayleigh on 4th Mar 2022

Looking For That Effortless French Girl Style? Look No Further!

What is it about French Girls? Their outfit's always seem to effortlessly chic, sophisticated and put together, while some of the rest of us (*me*) are still stuck looking like they just crawled out of a dark hole. And quite frankly, I'm tired of it! I'm ready to upgrade my style game, and here's how we're going to do it:

You might not have noticed this yet, but I promise you'll start to see this trend popping up more and more on your Insta feed now that you're aware of what it is! French girls are pros as high-low dressing. They do this so easily by pairing high quality basics with more on-trend styles (they also happen to be the queens of layering, just saying!) or by mixing your statement pieces with more simple, higher quality styles.


We're torn on this next one: while we love our pops of colour, French girls usually tend to stick to neutral colours and honestly we can see the appeal of this one. This usually means that 90% of the items in your wardrobe will pair really well together, resulting in you getting more wear out of every piece in your wardobe, and your outfits always looking intentional yet effortlessly put together. 


There's a lot to be set about a blazer, which is why our French Gals always tend to stick with tailored pieces to avoid their outfits looking too undone or relaxed, this is one we can get on board with! A blazer will automatically add a more formal feel to your favourite outfits, whether you're layering them over a classic pair of jeans and a t-shirt, pairing them with a girly dress to add the ultimate masculine touch, or going for one of our beloved co-ords!


It's a well known fact at this stage that a slip dress will almost never fail. There's something sultry and flirty about french style, and a satin midi dress sums this up perfectly! While the lightweight fabric will hug your curves in the best way, it's simple enough to fit into the effortless french fashion game in such a subtle way!


Nothing says effortless about loose fitting jeans, and one of the reasons that we love flared jeans so much is that this style lies perfectly on the line between relaxed and put together, making your outfit seem effortlessly chic. The other reason we love this style is that it just so happens to be one of the most flattering cuts right now. While most loose fitting jeans will hide your curves, flares do the opposite by hugging your hips while the looser material at the bottom of the legs have an elongating effect on the legs!



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