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Posted by Kayleigh on 6th Dec 2021

Listen Up Petite Girls...We've Got You Covered!

As an office full of shorter gals, we well and truly know the struggle of finding cute dresses that look fit our body everywhere. Our favourite dresses can often be too low on the waist, jeans fit perfect on the waist and be too long on the legs, or what looks like a fashionable puff shoulder on our taller co-workers will look like shoulder pads straight from the 80’s! The struggle is oh-so real and believe me we know it! After years of struggling with constantly emerging trends, we think we’ve finally gotten the hang of petite dressing.

Whether it’s for work, for a weekend away, or for a night out (remember those?) it’s no secret that a mini dress is always a go to. We’re firm believers that this dress is one of the most under rated styles and is always versatile and easy to dress up and dress down. It’s always flattering and slimming on the legs and the above the knee style will elongate the legs, especially when paired with heels (our favourite tip: pointed toe shoes draw the eye downwards and will again make the legs seem even longer…you can thank us later!) The V neck of this one will again be flattering as it will elongate torso to balance this out.


Another way of elongating the body is through vertical prints, such as a simple striped shirt. This will again draw the eye downwards while also being slimming on the body. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! We always love this style with a simple pair of jeans for a relaxed, understated look that we’re obsessed with.


Hey, speaking of jeans, they might just be the bane of my life! Jeans are one of the most difficult things to buy for a petite girl, as a pair that fits perfect on the waist will be too long on the legs, while a pair that fits the legs will barely button up and will leave you counting down the hours until you can get home and change! Although it’s often a huge style no-no, cropped jeans that end just above the ankle will be super flattering, trust me on this one! This will really make the legs seem longer than they are. We also love straight legged jeans for petite girls as they hug the curves to still keep your shape and stop the body from looking like it’s hidden under too much material.


Wrap Dresses are always universally flattering and look great on most body shapes. The V neck will left the bust while the tie at the waistline will define the waist. While we usually associate this style with midi dresses, this isn’t exclusive as they can often be a mini dress which is just as flattering and will also be elongating on the legs. The midi dress will be flattering and will also be that little bit more appropriate for day to day wear. We love this style as it often features a split in the leg which will again have a slimming effect on the legs and will stop it from seeming as if there’s too much material for the body



Another universally flattering style is the A-Line style as they will tend to be more fitting on the top of the body, and put an emphasis on your already narrow waist while the looser fitting skirt will skim over the bum and thighs in a really natural way, drawing the attention always from the lower half of the body and towards the slimmer waist.


Another great way of doing this is with a shirred dress, as it will pull the waist in in a more subtle way, while the elasticated material makes for maximum comfort!



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