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Posted by Kayleigh on 7th Feb 2022

Let's Talk Lingerie!

Ladies, let's talk lingerie! Or rather, let's talk about how difficult it is to find lingerie that you will actually feel comfortable in! So much of it is made for showing off the body, and it shows off everything, so it can be really overwhelming to find lingerie that not only looks good but isn't makes you feel amazing. Here are some of our current ultra flattering styles to leave you feeling as great as you look!

Starting off with this plum bra and briefs set. The lace straps and floral detailing brings such a pretty, feminine feel to this style while the plunge neckline will really enhance your curves. The slightly padded cups and lightweight wiring makes for a flattering style that adds shape and definition to the body while also making for maximum comfort. In addition to this, the high waisted lace briefs will really highlight the waist and create that streamlined hourglass look!


Looking for more of a full body style? We've got you! Again, the padded cups and underwiring make for a subtly defined shape and ultimate comfort, while the sheer lace throughout gives the outfit a flirty feel without feeling like you're revealing too much. This bodysuit creates a streamlined hourglass shape that we love!


Looking for something that little bit more sweet and feminine? This lilac bra, waspie, and briefs set is just perfect! Once again, the underwiring and adjustable straps here add so much shape and definition to the body in a really simple natural way. The high waisted briefs really enhance that hourglass shape while that little bit of lace detailing adds a flirty feel to the set and shows off a little bit of skin. In addition to this, the waspie adds definition to the waist and pulls it in at it's most narrow part.


Looking for something with a little bit more support? We love this stunning raspberry bra and briefs set! While the cups aren't padded, the underwiring still makes for so much comfort while the intricate embroidery at the top of the bra adds the perfect amount of detail. As well as this, the lace paneling add a fun touch to the set with a little flash of skin.


Real talk time: as much as underwiring provides that little bit more support and definition it's not always the most comfortable option, we love this bra and briefs set as while the bra isn't underwired, the thicker material still adds that little bit of support while the lace detailing at the bottom adds a more feminine touch and this is really highlighted by the lace detailing on the briefs!



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