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Posted by Kayleigh on 7th Jul 2022

Let's End the Debate! Blazers: Tailored vs Oversized

Firstly, can I start this off by suggesting that we have a moment of gratitude to blazers for almost single-handedly getting us through a very confusing few years in fashion? They were helped very briefly by the Great Shacket Craze of Winter 2020 but really, the good old blazer has rescued us from almost every fashion emergency. From the last minute zoom meetings to the first nights out after lockdown where you can't help but think "what do people even wear these days?" Yep, the blazer has gotten a well earned spot as the mvp of our everyday wardrobe! This style has been known for decades as the ultimate "boss babe" wardrobe staple (we'll pretend that it's because nobody can rock a blazer better than a woman, and not because it's mostly seen as a masculine piece of clothing) and adds a formal feel to any outfit. Again, it brings a more masculine feel to our ultra feminine dresses to add an element of interest to our outfit, making it seem effortlessly put together (even though we really know the struggle behind figuring out what to wear each morning!) Long story short, we've yet to be steered wrong by a "blazer and jeans" or "blazer and a dress" or even "blazer and joggers" (Looking at our photographer Yvonne here btw) but that doesn't stop the age old question: do we go tailored or oversized? Lets look at the pro's and con's shall we?


Is there anything more classy than a tailored blazer? (That was a rhetorical question, but the answer is "no", obvs) There's just something about this style that is so effortlessly chic and put together, making it just ideal for the office! One of the major pro's is that this style is super flattering, as it is naturally designed to fit the body that little bit more and really hug the curves.


Of course, it can be more difficult to style a tailored blazer, as it needs to fit in with your personal style for the full effect of this style staple to be highlighted. When worn with clothes that are also fitted and tailored, like this mini dress from Ivy Lane, will really elevate this style. Think "Blair Waldorf on a Budget". However, when worn with clothing that is a little more relaxed it can make the outfit seem confused or disjointed. 


Let's end this one on a positive note! This style is often the better option for shorter girls. Remember that fitted style that I mentioned a few lines above? The excess material of an oversized blazer can often drown a smaller frame, while this one will avoid this and will instead highlight the natural shape of the body. When paired with skinny jeans, this really emphasises your curves in such a lovely way, rather than hiding your body shape!



Oversized blazers have had a hold on us since last summer, and it's starting to become a problem! This option immediately adds a "street style", instagram feed worthy feel to your look. While blazers have often in the past been seen as "stuffy" or too formal for every day wear, an oversized fit debunks this rumour by adding an on-trend casual vibe to such a formal piece of clothing. Not to mention: Major comfort points!

The oversized fit is also better for layering and gives you more options when it comes to outfits as it can be worn so easily with more fitted clothing, as well as jeans with more of a relaxed fit, or even worn on it's own as an on-trend blazer dress! 

Again, this one can be worn with your most feminine dresses (we've been loving it layered over a satin cami dress!) and while a fitted blazer adds a more masculine element, an oversized style really brings that edgy feel to make it a staple for our nights out!

One thing here, is that it's important to emphasise proportions to really highlight this style. When paired with a longer skirt, there can often be an excess of material that can drown the shape. However, there's an easy fix! Wearing a longer, oversized blazer with shorter bottoms, such as a mini dress, mini skirt, or shorts, will elongate the legs to balance out the silhouette perfectly!



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