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Posted by Kayleigh on 30th Sep 2022

Layering 101!

As we *may* have mentioned once or twice in the past month or so, the GTT Team L O V E  Autumn! Our very own Anne pointed out this morning that our whole wardrobes change as the colder months hit. While our Summer wardrobes call for jeans and trainers, we've recently found ourselves reaching for day dresses, tights, boots, and our beloved knits! We've already started seeing loads of chunky cardigans, meaning one thing and one thing only: it's officially layering season! Here are some of our current faves!

Firstly, can we have a moment of appreciation for longline cardigans? Not only is this style super comfortable, but it never fails to really pull an outfit together for the perfect relaxed feel. We love pairing this style with a mini dress, as we really find that the relaxed feel of an oversized cardigan can contract the ultra feminine vibe of a mini dress to really create an element of interest. 

Not only this, but it keeps you comfortable all day long while still looking amazing! We really find that the relaxed fit of this style hangs from the shoulders and skims over the silhouette in the most natural way. These Autumnal wardrobe staples are also a great way of getting that last wear our of your summery cami tops before you put them away for another year!



While we love our oversized styles, there's an awful lot to be said for a more cropped, fitted cardigan when you want to feel that little bit more dressed up while still feeling totally comfortable. Father than skimming over the figure, this one hugs your curves and stops around your waistline to highlight this area. 

We usually find in this time of year that a cardigan will begin to replace our summery "nice tops" and really become our go-to style to dress up our favourite jeans. We've been loving this style in particular, with the crochet detailing giving the simple style a real feminine feel. 

And the best part is that this style can be super versatile and looks just amazing worn with a day dress as it does with jeans and a lacy cami! While a longline, chunky knit can be too boxy with a relaxed fitting pair of jeans, a fine knit waist length cardigan will do the opposite by creating a flattering, streamlined look.


For the 3rd Year running, shackets are back with a bang, and we're still celebrating! This is one of our favourite ways of layering for an on trend vibe that just so happens to also be so comfortable! Not only is this style lightweight enough to allow you to wear it all day long without getting any strange looks (our puffer coats could never!) but it also adds an on-trend feel to any outfits. 

This has fast become our favourite ways of refreshing our most loved "jeans and a t-shirt" outfits for the perfect Autumnal street style inspired look that just needs to be featured on your instagram feed!



Looking to layer while still looking like a boss babe? Say no more, blazers are the perfect way to do this! We've already been loving layering some of these Ivy Lane styles over our work outfits, for the simple reason that they're SO versatile! 

Firstly, they look amazing paired with day dresses, whether it's an LBD or a feminine floral style, a blazer really adds a more masculine feel to such a feminine style.

 Secondly, a blazer never fails to dress up the classic jeans and a bodysuit outfits to not only have you ready for that meeting you've been stressing over, but will bring you right from the office to Friday night's our Autumn Style Superhero!                                                      


While in the warmer months we tend to go for a lower neckline (have you even followed us on social media over the summer if you haven't heard us discuss our love of square necklines one time or another?) This tends to come back to bite us in the following months, when we have to commit the ultimate fashion sin, by sacrificing comfort and style (spoken as someone who has made this mistake more than I would like to admit) and find ourselves not being able to think about anything but how cold we are. What exactly is it about a low neckline that makes us feel as if we're battling subzero temperatures?

 The answer to this one is one that we discovered later than we would have liked. And it really is as simple as pairing a jumper over your day dresses. This automatically adds maximum comfort, but also adds a more casual feel to your more formal dresses to make them super wearable day-to-day. Have to get that cost per wear down, right? 

One downside that we have found is that a lot of jumpers can be a looser fit and if not styles correctly can make the outfit seem frumpy. But something as simple as adding a belt here can really add that shape and definition back into the body!                         



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