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Posted by Kayleigh on 12th Feb 2022

Jet Off In Style In These Insta Worthy Airport ‘Fits!

With the releasing of restrictions we've gone from sending one another funny tiktoks to sending on screenshots of cheap flights, and have gone from comparing notes on the latest episode of Euphoria to comparing hotel deals. It can only mean one thing: after 2 whole years we're finally ready to start travelling again, and we're more excited than ever before. The one thing getting us through dark mornings and watching the pouring rain from our little Donegal office is the idea that someday soon we may just be laying on a beach and our only worry will be that there's not enough ice in our Strawberry Daquiri. But before we get to that stage, we need to find the perfect travel friendly outfits!

Last year we found a real love of matching tracksuits just like this joggers and sweatshirt set, and we simply just aren't prepared to let them go this year. This is our go-to when we're going for comfort and is an absolute must have for long haul flights! You may ask why we chose this set out of all of the fab loungewear sets we have on our website, and the answer is simple: these joggers from Daisy Street and are super comfortable, with a fleece lining and the fact that the material is 52% cotton means that it's super soft making for maximum comfort!


Another great option is leggings. We've been huge lovers of these ones from Bali, again because of the soft, stretchy material, but also the fact that it's thick enough to really pull everything in and is designed to not only have you feeling amazing but looking amazing as well. In addition to this these leggings are 100% squatproof meaning that you won't have to worry about flashing half of the country while trying to drag ever so gracefully collect your overstuffed perfectly packed suitcase of only the essentials.

This sweatshirt from Daisy Street is one of our current favourites. Similar to the tracksuit set above, it has a brushed polar fleece lining and is 50% cotton, making it such a great option if you're looking for something comfortable and cosy. And best of all, we find that this brand washes so well without going bally...Take it from a very clumsy gal who never fails to spill her coffee or soup and has to wash her sweatshirts every time she wears them!



Okay, I need you to take a breather here and prepare to read my next sentence with an open mind. I think it's time to have a conversation about the possibility of bringing back jeggings. In all honesty, I could write a full on manifesto about all the plus sides of revisiting this 2010 wardrobe essential, but I'm just going to let these black leggings from Pieces make my argument for me. These leggings are the perfect way of combining comfort and style, as they have the same dressier feel as jeans, while also having the same comfort level as leggings.

I love this button down for the perfect relaxed, street style inspired 'fit. Simply wearing this shirt buttoned down, layered over a classic white t-shirt and paired with our new favourite leggings, will give you a relaxed, comfy look, that's still on-trend enough to make the cut for that all important airport instagram post to let your friends know that you're going off the grid for the next week, and that they should be totally jealous!




Are you one of the people that wears jeans to the airport? We don't judge (It looks like we absolutely do judge, but don't worry we're just jealous of your unstoppable will power and cute outfit!)

The Dr.Denim Nora Jeans have been a GTT Favourite for the past year but really, can you blame us? The more relaxed mom fit of this style is miles more comfortable than a skinny fit pair but still looks effortlessly cool and bang on trend. Simply add a bright t-shirt for a fun pop of colour and you're good to go!




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