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Posted by Kayleigh on 18th Dec 2021

It's Official: 80's Fashion Is Making A Comeback!

Girls, are you ready for a statement that made our very own Anne visibly cringe when I gleefully announced it in the office earlier today? Just as 90's and Y2K style have had a major moment this year, next year just so happens to be a year for *Drumroll* Yep, 80's fashion! I don't know about you, but I really can't wait to see the revival of bright clothes and big hair!

With the rise of dopamine dressing, we're already seeing people stepping out of their comfort zone and swapping out their neutrals for head turning pops of colour in true mid 80's fashion, just like this bright pink top from Ivy Lane! This colour is one thing that I know I'll absolutely need in my Spring/Summer wardrobe and the cropped style would really highlight your waist at its most narrow point!


The 80's also saw a rise in the popularity of aerobics and this was definitely represented in the fashion for this time. We've all been living in our leggings for the past 2 years and are so excited to see that this style is staying around for 2022. This trend really shows that comfort is key and can either be worn as a chic black leggings and oversized sweatshirt 'fit that we've been loving, or you can always commit to going full on 80's and rock some bright leggings and an off shoulder jumper! But we love the perfect mix between the two with this cute colour block pair from OnlyPlay!


The 80's not only saw the rise of exaggerated shoulders and athleisure, but also the rise of hemlines! We all move our mini skirts and were so excited to see this style coming back this year. And also to see that this trend is set to be sticking around next year! This trend was first popular in the 60's with fun colours and prints, and when it returned in the 80's the classic denim mini skirt was the most popular choice. We always love this style for an elongating effect on the legs, and this timeless style is always so easy to modernize by going for a more dramatic leather style like this one.


We've been seeing loads of exaggerated shoulders in the past few years, and it seems to be another one that's sticking around! This was made popular in the 80's due to the fashion in popular shows such as Dynasty and Dallas. It was also a method used a lot in work wear in a way to add a masculine feel to the outfit and make the woman seem more capable for higher managerial roles. This mini dress from Ivy Lane features this style in a more relaxed, toned down way that's still super flattering on the arms and creates that little bit of volume on the top of the arms.


Speaking of workwear, the 70's saw many women beginning their professional careers, and the 80's took this one step further when women began dressing more seriously and professionally for work. I'm talking about power suits, Girls! This matching blazer and trouser set from Daisy Street brings a bit of fun and interest as well as a feminine touch to such a formal outfit!



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