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Posted by Kayleigh on 14th Jun 2022

It's In The Jeans!

Let’s face it, as much as we love our comfortable joggers and leggings, jeans are a wardrobe essential but can be SO hard to get right! In the past few years we’ve always been able to rely on our beloved high waisted skinny jeans, but with more relaxed fits coming back in trend, from mom jeans to flares, it can be super overwhelming to choose your favourite, but lets not give up just yet. We’ve recently come to realise the joy of finding the right pair of jeans to fit your bodyshape perfectly, and let me tell you, it’s a style game changer!

If you have an apple shape, similar to Kate Winslet or Tyra Banks you may have a larger bust, a short waist where you carry most of your weight, slimmer legs, and a smaller bum. Any pair of jeans that will elongate your figure are always a good go to! Bootcut jeans will do a treat job of this, with the flares at the bottom of the jeans adding volume to your bottom half and balancing your shape. A pair of jeans with an elasticated waist will also add definition to your waist while being super comfortable too! It’s important to remember here to draw attention up to your bust or down to your legs rather than your mid section!


Pear shaped gals might have a smaller bust and shoulders with wider hips where they carry most of their weight, just like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian! It’s important here to draw attention to your waist which would be the slimmest part of your body and away from the hips, jeans that sit just below the waist would be perfect for this as well as streamlining your curves!. A bootcut or tapered leg would elongate the lower half of your body, while boyfriend or mom jeans would have extra room in the thigh or bum areas. A darker wash here would be super slimming on the legs too...I’m sure you can imagine how much this information shocked me, a pear shaped girl that loves her light wash skinny jeans!


If you’ve got an hourglass figure, lucky you! You may have the same body shape as Marilyn Monroe or Scarlett Johansson. Your body will be mostly in proportion, with hips and shoulders that are the same width, a larger bust, and rounded hips and thighs. You've already got the ideal body shape down, your goal here is to find jeans to accentuate your curves. Skinny jeans do this really well but if you’re looking for something a little bit different a pair of bootcut jeans will also be amazing, while they're tight at the top to hug your curves perfectly, the slight flare at the bottom will also do a great job of streamlining your shape!                  


The inverted triangle body shape would be very similar to the apple shape, with wide shoulders while the shape narrows as it moves downwards, with slimmer hips and thighs, similar to Kate Upton and Elle MacPherson. And the best part is...every pair of jeans look amazing on you! From skin tight jeans, to 70's style bell bottoms, the world of jeans is well and truly your oyster. One point that you might find is that your weight may be mainly distributed above the waist so a pair of flared jeans will balance this out really well when paired with a more simple top that will draw attention to your legs!                                                               


An athletic body shape will have fewer curves and won’t have as much waist definition, while the bust waist and hips will be all the same size. This is a similar shape to Katie Holmes or Kate Hudson. A pair of high waisted jeans will add definition to your waist, as will a midriff baring pair of low rise jeans with crop tops. These styles will also add a more rounded figure to your hips to create the illusion of curves for that hourglass figure. Another way to add waist definition is to tuck a shirt or blouse into your jeans or add a belt to complete the look and draw attention to your waist!                                         



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