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Posted by Kayleigh on 3rd Sep 2021

Hyaluronic Acid-If It's Good Enough For Reese Witherspoon It's Good Enough For Us!

It seems that everyone’s lockdown was spent perfecting their beauty regimes, including some of our favourite celebs! But I’m sure you can still imagine our shock when we realised that Reese Witherspoon’s 2020 Emmy’s look did not contain a gold infused moisturiser that would cost the same as all of our makeup bags combined, but the star’s makeup artist actually used an €8 product that has been sitting pretty on our makeup tables for months!


A lot of you might not know this, but Meggie from our buying team just so happens to be GTT’s resident skincare expert, and had us all using hyaluronic acid when The Inkey List arrived with us last year, and this I haven’t looked back since!

Hyaluronic Acid is actually naturally created by your body, and it’s main function is to retain water to keep your skin moisturised. But over time as we age, this process will gradually slow down. Using a Hyaluronic Acid serum will help this process by giving your skin extra amounts to absorb and keep your skin looking and feeling amazing! This is another one of our superhero skincare products, with just one gram of Hyaluronic Acid holding up to six tons of water. So not only does it cost less than our lunch, but a little bit goes beyond a long way! And the best part? The water retained can give the skin a naturally youthful, plump appearance which will also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and here we were thinking that Reese Witherspoon is some mythical creature that just doesn’t seem to age!


If you want the absolute best out of this serum it’s best to slot it into both your morning and evening skincare routines. This should be the first skincare product you use after cleaning your face. This will draw the moisture to your skin and will help all of your other skincare products do their job. All you need is a pea sized amount on your fingertips to gently pat onto your face and neck, and follow with your favourite moisturiser and any other treatments or serums that you might want to use. It really is that simple!


While this product is particularly beneficial for our gals with dryer skin (we got you!) it will suit just about any skintype. We know, we couldn’t believe it either! It’s great for customers with sensitive skin as it will sooth the skin after cleansing, and has been described by The Inkey List as “a hydration veil” that will protect the skin from any other products in your skincare routine that might irritate it.


Still not convinced? Customers have been raving about this product too! Some found that it made the world of difference when their skin would become naturally dryer in the winter months, others loved how quickly the lightweight serum absorbs into their skin compared to other hyaluronic acids, some found this to be their saving grace when it comes to their acne and others have found themselves purchasing the serum in bulk so they always have a spare bottle, and we don't blame them!


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