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Posted by Kayleigh on 15th Dec 2021

How To Wear Your Knitwear To Flatter Your Body

The Winter months sees the return of so many of our favourite things in GTT. The return of our new favourite tradition of having cocktails on our last day before Christmas, the return of the heated debate of whether The Holiday is better than Love Actually, and finally the long awaited return of our beloved cosy knits. For years this has been our style staple when it comes to winter and this year it has been no different. Whether we're pairing them with jeans for the ultimate casual look or with a dress for a more formal look that's perfect for work, one thing's for sure: you'll find us rocking our most comfortable knits from now until well into March. But as much as we love them, the relaxed oversized nature of a lot of these jumpers can have an unflattering effect on the body and can almost seem "frumpy" aren't you lucky that you have veteran knitwear lovers to help you counteract this?

Our go to for having a flattering effect on our knitwear is really as simple as pairing a belt with your favourite jumper dress, trust us when we say that this will totally change the shape of your outfit! This really pull in the waist for a more hourglass figure and add definition to the body in such a simple way! This also creates the illusion of curves in the hips to add a feminine feel to the silhouette.


When pairing your chunky knit with a skirt it's always a great idea to go for a more fitted skirt like this slip skirt that will have an elongated effect on the body which naturally creates a narrower shape. If you want to really emphasise this just pair with your favourite heels to elongate the legs further. This is also the perfect way to get plenty of wear out of your occasion wear and make them more wearable for day to day. Our top tip here is when tucking your jumper into your skirt to not tuck it in fully as this can cause a bulk in material around the waist, it can be a good idea here to tuck part of your jumper into the side of the skirt to not only avoid this but actually highlight the waistline.


Similar to skirt styles, it's always a good idea when going for the classic jumper and jeans to go for a skinny fit pair, in particularly when pairing with a chunky knit jumper. This will really emphasise your curves, in particular the hips. While a wider leg would make it seem as if the body is almost drowning in too much material. The high waist style of these jeans really defines the waist while the high stretch fabric hugs your curves for an ultra flattering look.


When it comes to jumper styles a cropped jumper is always super flattering. This enhances the waistline rather than having extra material at the hips. The lightweight material and fitted style of this one is also more flattering than a bulkier more square shaped cropped cardigan as it still hugs your curves and defines your shape in a really subtle way. This would be amazing paired with wide legged jeans for a relaxed look or with a high waisted skirt for a more formal look like the one below.


As much as we love our classic chunky knits, it can often be a great idea to go for a more slim fitting fine knit that won't add as much volume to the body and will instead create a more fitted, chic look. This is particularly flattering when paired with a full skirt or wide leg jeans in order to create interest in the outfit with the added volume on the bottom of the body.



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