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Posted by Kayleigh on 24th Mar 2022

How To Wear Statement Prints!

Whether it's a girly floral, edgy animal print or our all new favourite abstract print, there's an awful lot to be said about a good old statement print! This has fast become one of our go-to ways to turn heads and add a touch of personality to our outfits. The only trouble is that it's super easy for these prints to become overpowering or almost seem as if they're "too much". Here are some of our favourite ways to avoid this while wearing a statement print!

While there's a part of us that loves all the lace and frills, it's better to go for a more simple style when rocking a statement print. When wearing a plain dress that's covered in lace and embellishments the eye is often drawn to the details, similar to when wearing one block colour the eye will be drawn to the part of the dress that stands out and seems unusual. This could be a cut out detail or a frill hem. When wearing a statement print, we can't help but pay attention to the print and colours of the dress. So it makes sense that wearing a printed dress with a simple cut and without too much detailing throughout it will stop the outfit from being too overpowering, as you're allowing the bold print to be the main focus point of the outfit!


I never thought I would say this, but it can often be a better idea to stay way from accessories in this case. While your favourite necklace can be the perfect way to add a little bit of sparkle to your more plain outfits, it can often take away from the print of a statement dress and can seem as if the outfit is clashing. 


While we LOVE a statement shoe (nobody was as excited about the return of fluffy heels in 2020 as the GTT Girls were) when wearing a statement print, it's often better to go with a more simple, neutral heel. This will once again allow that bold print to be the talking point of the outfit, while still making the outfit seem well thought out and put together. A nude or black heel would be a great idea here!


One of the reasons that we love statement prints so much, is that they always give us a chance to rock one of our favourites, the classic leather jacket! This is one of the most versatile styles for a reason, as it goes with almost every style...and prints are no exception! A black leather jacket is simple enough to allow the print to stand out, while still finishing off the whole look perfectly!


While we usually associate statement with bold bright colours, this isn't always the case! It's often a great idea to go for something in a more neutral colour, if you're a bit more cautious about braving it in a bold statement print!



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