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Posted by Kayleigh on 9th Mar 2022

How To Wear Columns of Colour

After years of understated neutrals, we've found our feeds being dominated recently with brighter tones. And I'm not talking about a little pop of red in a handbag or some funky pink shoes here, I'm talking full on head to toe emerald green looks. And I'm not exactly hating it! We're seeing so many style icons using this new trend as a way to express themselves, take risks, and have fun with their fashion. But when it comes to the aptly names "Columns of Colour" it can be difficult to know how to wear this trend without your outfit feeling too overpowering!

Firstly, let's talk about the benefits of wearing the one colour throughout your outfit: We all know how much we love a good jumpsuit, and this is due to the slimming and lengthening effects that they have on our bodies (at least that's what we tall ourselves when we have to drag our friends into the toilet cubicle with us on nights out to help zip it up!). Columns of colour will have the exact same effect as it creates a long unbroken vertical line from our shoulders to our hemline!


When it comes to shoes, you won't always have a shoe to match your outfit perfectly, and as much as we love a pop of contrasting colour when it comes to shoes, this can actually make you seem shorter. It's always a great idea here to go for something nude or beige that will blend in with your skin and have a naturally elongating effect on the leg. And the best part is that nude shoes will pair really nicely with any other colour!


Worried that you're outfit is too boring? Adding a little bit of texture will add an element that you might have otherwise gotten from different colours or prints. For example, this knitted cardigan will look amazing with black jeans as opposed to a black t-shirt which can make the outfit seem underwhelming!


Cardigan's are also a great option for creating an "inner" or "outer" column of colour. An inner column could be something as simple as the black t-shirt and black jeans that we mentioned above to still create that volume of colour, while a bright cardigan will add an element of interest without breaking the vertical line. An outer column could be created using out beloved co-ords like this trouser and blazer set, but with a satin cami underneath the blazer, so a vertical line is still clear on the outer layer!





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