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Posted by Kayleigh on 19th Sep 2021

How To Style Oversized Clothes!

After spending the best part of the past 2 years in lockdown, we’ve found a new appreciation for so many things, but one of the things that we’ve come to adore the most has been oversized clothing! This style is super comfortable (I know I say this about a lot of styles, but believe me when I say that there’s no comfort like an oversized sweatshirt!) and is also flattering as it is known to hide any lumps or bumps. But there’s always danger of these clothes looking boxy and shapeless so how exactly do we style out the oversized trend to make it look effortlessly cool and like a fashion choice?

Firstly, it’s a well known fact that a belt can change the shape of any dress and it’s no different when it comes to oversized dresses! This adds some shape to the outfit as well as definition to the waist, and brings attention to this area, without being a skin tight bodycon dress. You can also do this super easily with jeans and a top by loosely tucking your top into your jeans to accentuate your waist!


A personal favourite styling tip would be by pairing an oversized top with more fitted bottoms. This allows the top to almost be like the statement piece of an outfit and your eye is drawn to it. I love to do this with an oversized sweatshirt and leggings (GTT’s Maria loves these ribbed leggings and might have influenced me!) But this can also be done super easily with the loose fitting jeans that are so on trend right now paired with a more fitted bodysuit! This allows you to partake in the oversized trend while still flaunting your figure!


Another way of dressing your oversized clothes would be to not be afraid to show a bit of skin, whether it’s with ripped jeans or an off the shoulder jumper! This stops you from looking like your body is drowning in your clothes and gives you an effortlessly chic vibe.


I don’t know if there’s anybody that can rock oversized clothes like Ariana Grande, and I think the secret to this might just be that she has no problem wearing heels with just about anything! Whether it’s a t-shirt dress or an oversized knee length sweatshirt, the addition of heels here just has a way of dressing up the outfit, making sure you still look bang on trend!


One of the biggest staple pieces of our wardrobe is an oversized shirt. This is such a versatile piece and looks amazing whether it’s worn tucked into jeans or layered under a sweater vest, but one of our favourite styles would be to play with silhouettes and pair with skinny jeans and a fitted cami top for an Instagram worthy ‘fit with minimal effort!



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