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Posted by Kayleigh on 5th Nov 2021

How To Style Menswear!

We’ve officially reached November, and let me tell you, you’re not ready for the deals that are coming your way this month! At to top this all off, the GTT Team are doing our part for Movember. Before you get excited, no you won’t catch any of us sporting an iconic ‘stache by the end of the month, but a portion of each of our menswear sales this month will be donated to the Movember charity. And the best part is: while you’re buying gifts for your man you’re also buying gifts for yourself. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! Unisex clothing has been around for a while and this year we’re seeing ladies everywhere taking this one step forward by incorporating menswear into their ‘fit, and we’ve been loving seeing this!

Like most of our favourite fashion trends this was made more popular by French women who made a habit of rocking men’s jumpers and making them look effortlessly chic. It’s always a great idea here to go for a thin knit, slim fitting jumper to stop the jumper from drowning the silhouette. A good rule of thumb here is to go one size smaller than you usually would with women’s clothing. So if you find your usual size to be a medium you would go for a size small menswear jumper. Pairing with jeans would give this a relaxed, masculine look so if you want to make it seem a little bit more feminine you can tuck into your jeans to add definition to your waist and add shape to the outfit.


Oversized clothing is having a major moment right now so another option would be to go for an oversized mens sweatshirt and wear as a jumper dress, either with tights and boots for a chic street style outfit that we love, or with leather look leggings and trainers for a more relaxed off duty look!



A simple white button down is a classic for a reason as it never seems to miss! This is always an effortlessly chic go-to and looks amazing in particular tucked into blue jeans for a polished, streamlined look that will define your waist in a super natural way. It would be best here to go for a pair of slim fitting jeans that will emphasise your waist to add a feminine touch to your outfit.


A plaid button down is one of our favourite styles when it comes to Autumn Winter and has been for years (fun fact: when we first opened our boutique in 2016 the unofficial GTT uniform just so happened to be a plaid button down and skinny jeans due to the worrying amount of times that we all came into work wearing the same thing!) This is always a casual style, and the perfect way to add a little bit more interest into this outfit would be to use a mens button down in place of an oversized shirt. To add a little bit more of a feminine feel to this outfit you can wear open and layered over a fitted cami top to emphasise your curves in a slimming way.


Let me tell you how excited we wear to see that bicycle shorts were back for another year this summer. This was one of our favourite styles last year and it seemed that absolutely everyone had a pair (or in some cases 5 pairs). The fitted style of these shorts always looks amazing with a loss fitting t-shirt for a low effort look, this is emphasised further with an oversized mens t-shirt for the ultimate day-to-day effortless vibe!



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