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Posted by Kayleigh on 18th Feb 2022

How To Style Loose Fitting Jeans

Of all the trends in the past few years, loose fitting jeans just has to be the one that I struggled with the most. I had gained a bit of a reputation in the office for being a lover of the classic skinny jean (as well as a reputation for being afraid of change which I'm sure contributed to my long lasting love of the only jean style I've ever worn) So take it from me when I say that once you go for a more relaxed fit, you won't look back! But  one thing that may be stopping many people from branching out to a wider leg is styling. While skinny jeans will go with almost any top, loose fit jeans can be a little bit more difficult...and that's where we come in!


It often feels like an unspoken rule at this stage if you're wearing a looser fitting style on the bottom half of the body to go for something more fitted on the top half. This still allows you to show off your curves and stops the outfit from seeming as if it's hiding your shape, or your body from seeming lost underneath so much material. As these loose fitting jeans are often seen as more masculine we love contrasting this with a more feminine top in a lace fabric a cropped style like this cardigan!


Looking to add a dressier feel to your loose fitting jeans? You can do this really easily with heels for a chic look that will automatically elevate your look in such a subtle way!


If you're not 100% comfortable wearing a fitted top, there are so many other options. Believe me! We love these jeans paired with a looser fitting t-shirt for a more relaxed look. Something as simple as tucking the t-shirt into your jeans will add waist definition to your outfit, meaning that it's highlighting your curves without showing up every little lump and bump!


The angles and clean cut of a collared button down will add an element of structure to your jeans in such a simple way. This is the perfect option if you want to go for a dressier look rather than a laid back casual one!



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