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27th Jan 2020

How to dress for your shape: apple shape

How do we define our shape and what clothes do we wear to get that ultimate hourglass shape?

Defining your body shape can be one of the most confusing things to do, never mind dressing it!

If you have an apple body shape then you will generally have a fuller bust and upper back, your shoulders and hips will usually be around the same width, you might not have as much of a defined waistline as other shapes and when you do gain weight then it will usually be around your waist. Your waist will generally be the same width as your shoulders and hips and your legs and arms may tend to be a bit slimmer!

Dressing to suit your body shape can be so difficult but is a foolproof way to make you feel more comfortable and confident in your body by giving you that shape you want! The right clothes can accentuate your assets and cover any insecurities in such a simple and understated way! So how might you dress to suit your shape?

Create the illusion of a waistline

It's all about creating a contrast between your waist and the rest of your body. This can be so easily done with skater or A line skirts and dresses. These styles are usually fitted at the top and flare out at the skirt, creating more of a defined waist with the contrast between the fitted top and the flared skirt, while also covering the stomach area.

These dresses can be a lot more flattering when you can see a slight band at the waist. This creates an illusion of structure and a smaller waistline, while still not drawing attention to it. A good example is our Cadbury dress!

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Peplum styles have a very similar effect on your body shapes to skater styles. The ruffles cover the hips and stomach areas perfectly and subtly while the flared part of it clinches in the waist while also creating a contrast with the more structured and fitted top.

Not into dresses? This fab style comes in loads of gorge dressy tops that would be perfect for that next night out! How pretty would our Evie top be with some high waisted leather trousers and some black barely theres?

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Ruched Waist

Ruching at the waistline is one of our all time favourite hacks to getting that hourglass figure! This is so perfect for hiding all those lumps and bumps and when they're more gathered at the waistline, create an illusion of a slimmer waist.

In this case, depending on how comfortable you are with your body shape, we would avoid going for those bodycon style skin-tight dresses, specifically ones that would be tighter in the mid section! Our Paris dress would be ideal for a family occasion or wedding and allow you to be comfortable the whole day!

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Do belts create a smaller waistline or draw attention to the mid section rather than away from it? Well it completely depends on the style of the belt and how the outfit had been styled as a whole! We would advise against wearing skinny belts or ones that contrast against the main colours of the dress (think black dress with a gold belt) as this draws attention to the waist and stomach area.

It can be better to go for belts that are in the same colour scheme or pattern as the dress. A black dress with a black belt! This makes the waist look a lot smaller without drawing attention to it, creating the idea that the waist is naturally small rather than styled with a belt to make it look small. The perfect example would be our Saoirse dress!

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Legs For Days!

Here's your chance to show off one of your best assets, those unreal arms and legs of yours! Go legs out in a short mini dress or skirt. The skater style is again really flattering here as the skirt flows over the stomach and hips perfectly and the floaty skirt is always super slimming on the legs! Pair our Isla dress with a pair of heels to elongate the legs a bit more!

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Take the plunge

V neck, strappy tops or plunge style necklines are always a huge YES for this bodyshape! This shows off yet another one of your best assets in the most flattering way! We would advise to stick to plainer tops with one block colour and staying away from loud patterns! Our Samantha shirt would be perfect!

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Style Inspo

Eva Longoria is the perfect example of an apple shape with major style points! Check out all the low cut tops and skater skirts? We're OBSESSED!

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