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Posted by Kayleigh on 31st Jan 2020

How To Dress For Your Body Shape-Straight/Athletic Shape

What to wear to add curves to your shape!

The first step of knowing how to dress for your shape is knowing what your shape is. Someone with a straight or athletic body shape might not be particularly curvy and might describe their shape as "straight up, straight down".

Your shoulders and hips are nearly the same width and may tend to be quite slim while your waistline way not be as well defined, meaning that your waist and hips can often seem like they blend in together.

When people with this body shape do gain weight it usually tends to be evenly distributed throughout their body.

Does this sound like your body shape? Stick around to see how the way you dress your body type can alter it and give us that hourglass shape we all love!


With regards to the upper body, we would suggest something strapless or with a wide neckline, fab for drawing attention those collarbones and shoulders of yours! Either a cowl neck, boat neck or something completely off the shoulder would be ideal for this, just like our Evie top!

Product image

You can also add plenty of volume to the top, and show off your slim arms and shoulders, with a puff sleeve, all while staying bang on trend! This will also play a hand in creating the illusion of curves especially on your upper half, try out our Veronica top!

Product image

Adding embellishment to the top is yet another ideal way to create volume! Think padded shoulders, embellished collars or pretty jewel brooches! Creating volume gives the idea of more curves and in this case would give a top hourglass style figue


We know first hand how challenging it can be to step out of your skinny-jean-shaped comfort zone when it comes to fashion but we've got two words for you girl...Flared Jeans. Yep, they're making a comeback and you should be jumping for joy right now because this style is the number 1 fashion hack for adding shape , volume and curves to your bottom half.

Now we're not talking about ABBA style bootlegs just yet but how open would you be with a slight flare? The contrast that comes with jeans that are flared at the bottom and a bit more fitted at the top of the legs gives off the illusion of curves at the thigh, hips and bum area and gives us that Kim Kardashian-esque shape.

Our Sophia trousers would be ideal for this...and they're on sale too! We got your back girls, you can thank us later ;-)

Product image

Another way to add plenty of volume to the bottom half would be with fuller skirts. This adds curves to the hips while the contrast with the more fitted top (try to avoid creating volume on both the bottom and top half! If you're going for a flowy skirt go for a more fitted top and wear fitted pencil skirts with more relaxed style tops!) adds waist definition.

If you're not one for floaty princess-style skirts, more fitted skirts that are tapered at the bottom add more definition to the hips and bum area.


Good news for our athletic shape babes: your shape is actually one of the easiest to style! We're not lying here when we say that you can wear almost any style dress. While A-Line or skater dresses add a waistline and curves to your body, the simple wrap dress also clinches your waist for that ultimate figure while the more fitted bodycon shape shows off your best assets in your slim shoulders and hips.

You can essentially wear any style dress while looking and feeling fab! It's all about knowing what style of dress accentuates and covers the different parts of your body!

One piece of advice we would recommend would be to take full advantage of belts. The right belt can make or break an outfit...not to be dramatic! A belt at the waist of any dress will pull in the waist and-say it with us ladies-give us the illusion of a more defined waist and flaunt those curves!

Our Sadie dress with that simple tie at the waist would be the perfect answer to this! Also, just look at that one shoulder style? Perfect for showing off those shoulders while still looking glam AF!

Product image

Looking for some celebrity style inspo? Look no further than Nicole Kidman! Get some inspo from the pictures below to see Nicole in action, doing what she does best and dressing like a glam goddess! Check out all those flowy skirts, embellised tops and belts!

Image result for nicole kidman style

Image result for nicole kidman style"

Image result for nicole kidman style"

Still not too sure what to wear to suit your shape? Feel free to contact us on our Facebook page or by emailing us on! We're always happy to help and could always use the excuse to spend our days browsing the website to help our customers find their dream dress!


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