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Posted by Kayleigh on 11th Feb 2022

Here's How You Can Stay Ahead of Spring Trends...But You Didn't Hear It From Us!

We're well into February at this stage and on one hand we can't quite believe we're heading into another season and on the other hand we're so beyond ready for all things Spring Fashion! In the past few years we've been able to predict trends, from puff shoulders to square necklines, but after such an interesting year in fashion where we saw so many taking self expression to another level through their style, it can be difficult to know what to expect from fashion in the next few months. But that doesn't stop us trying! Here are some of the major trends we're expecting to see in Spring/Summer 2022!

2021 saw the long awaited return of Y2K fashion, and most of us spent the last few months of the year holding our breath and wondering if we would see the comeback of low waisted clothing. And while it may have taken a little bit longer, it's expected that we'll be seeing a lot more of this style in the next few months. And honestly...I never thought that I would say it, but I'm not completely terrified by it! Experts believe that although low rise jeans won't take over from our beloved high rise styles as they're often a little bit more difficult to pull off (but an amazing look if you want to show off your hips, just saying!), they're set to be a hugely popular trend this year! However, this time it's ever so slightly less scary as it's combined with the rise of popularity of loose fit jeans instead of skin tight jeans that show everything!


We made no secret of the fact that we were head over heels for dramatic sequins all throughout the months of November and December, and of course we had to bring this obsession into the SS22 season, but with a twist! While sequins are usually reserved for party season, satin is a great way of bringing this trend into Spring as it's a little bit more subtle (not to mention more environmentally friendly) than our sequins. We can expect to be seeing a lot more "liquid metal" tones with loads of gold and silver satin in the next few months!


2021 saw a real moment of love for sheer detailing on clothes, and we can already see it continuing well into this year! This has been a great way for people to have fun with fashion again and, after months of loungewear, finally show off that little bit of skin again without feeling totally exposed. What more could you ask for?


Bring on the rise of temperature...and the rise of hemlines! Mini skirts are set to have a moment in 2022 and we can't wait to share our love for this style. The shorter hemline will naturally elongate the legs and have a super slimming effect on them in the process. Did someone say legs eleven?


Unisex and masculine clothing have both firmly been at the forefront of fashion for years now, but we're expecting to see a complete 180 turn this year as ultra feminine clothing is seeing a huge rise in popularity. Gone are the days of neutral, understated clothing and we're seeing the return of frills, lace, pleats and of course PINK!



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