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Posted by Kayleigh on 17th Dec 2021

GTT'S Guide to Bra Friendly dresses!

"I love this dress, but could I wear a bra with it" Ladies, we've all said it at least once, we've been there too you're not alone here! There's nothing worse than finding that perfect dress that you adore and know that you look amazing in but it's a bit too low cut or that stunning lace detailing that you love so much is a bit too light to cover those bra straps!

Whether you need to wear a bra for a bit more support or you just feel a bit more comfortable when you're wearing it, the right bra can often be the make or break piece of our painstakingly styled outfits. When it works, you're feeling amazing and go out feeling super confident, you look good and you KNOW IT, when it doesn't work however, it can leave you feeling self conscious and like your whole outfit has been ruined!

This makes it all the more exciting when you find a dress that you love but is also suitable and appropriate to wear a proper, effective bra with. Here's our rundown of all our fave bra-friendly dresses to give you that added support we all need sometimes!

Wrap dresses are our number one option when it comes to dresses that are appropriate and comfortable to wear with a bra. This red wrap midi from Ivy Lane is a prime example for so many reasons! Firstly, the wrap dress is ideal for situations like this! The wrap around style allows you to tighten and loosen it as you like for a bit more support and comfort.The looser more relaxed material around the top also gives you plenty of room to pin it with a safety pin (our favourite hack) or if you're handy with a needle and thread, to put a stitch in it. This means that this dress is super versatile for women with any bodyshape to feel comfortable and confident in any bra while also not having to worry about the bra showing or anything!

These dresses are also ideal for breast feeding, as again it allows you to loosen it when needed, perfect for those glam mums! As well as this, they often do come with a slit at the front to allow you to find that perfect balance between flirty and sophisticated, as well as showing us all that bra-friendly dresses don't have to be these high neck, floor length gowns!


The issues with bras often come up around summer, particularly when it comes to summer weddings or holidays when you get a chance to wear all those pretty summer dresses. The only problem is, they often seem to be strapless, meaning that you can be very limited when it comes to bra choices and can usually be stuck with a strapless bra, leaving you uncomfortable and feeling like you don't have as much support as you're used to! This pink button down midi is perfect for wearing over the summer! The buttons at the front allow you to be comfortable without wondering if your bra's showing while the t-shirt length floaty sleeves allow you to wear a bra that actually isn't strapless...woohoo!


It can be so difficult to find a wedding guest dress that also happens to be appropriate to wear with a bra! A lot of of occasion dresses to tend to be strapless or have thin strapless that, again, you wouldn't be able to wear a comfortable bra with. There is an idea that sleeves seem to make a dress look a bit more casual. We've found the ideal midi dresses that will have you looking super glam while also feeling comfortable! This paisley midi dress would be just ideal! The V neck of this one isn't too plungy in any way and would allow you to pull of that flirty V neck style while also feeling comfortable and confident, not having to worry at all about your bra showing.

We've also been loving the puff sleeves and pleated skirt of this one making it a flattering option throughout the body as the sleeves add a slimming effect to the arms, while the high waist and flowy material of the skirt skims over the mid section. What more could you need?


We hope you've found a dress that you love for your next occasion from this list, if not then don't worry, we're always available to help if you contact us on our facebook page of by emailing us on to give a bit more advice or some more suggestions!


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