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Posted by Kayleigh on 27th Sep 2021

Get Ready To Turn Heads With This Mini Dress Styling Inspo

In the past few weeks it seems that we’ve been up to our eyes with new trends that will often come with a transition in seasons. From cut outs, to dramatic sleeves, to puffer coats. But one that we’ve been so excited to see has been the return of shorter hemlines. As an office consisting mostly of girls 5’5 and under, we owe a lot to the simple mini dress, and whether it’s a day dress for work or a dramatic “out out” style, you can always count on the fact that the GTT Girl’s will be rocking a mini dress!

This style is above the knee, and typically ends mid thigh. They’ve been around forever (Around 1390-1370 BCE in fact!) But were only named a “mini” or recognised as a fashion trend in the 1960’s. There’s a reason that we can’t help but think of Twiggy and her iconic shift styles when we think about the origin of the mini dress!

In the early 60’s, around 1961, hemlines were just above the knee. Throughout the decade they gradually began to climb higher, as people became more conscious of fashion being a way to express themselves. A shop owner in London noticed this when he began to experiment with shorter hems on the mannequins of his window and saw how well his customers reacted to this new style. But where exactly did the mini dress come from?

Quite a few designers have been credited, and it’s not 100% clear which one designed this style, with London designer Mary Quant actually crediting her customers, claiming that after she began to experiment with shorter hemlines in her own day-to-day style in the 50’s her customers began to ask for a similar style in her designs. Another name that has been mentioned a lot over the years in relation to mini dresses was Parisian André Courreges, who was one of the first designers to feature mini dresses in his 1965 Spring/Summer collection, with hemlines that ended 4 inches above the knee.             


I The style was popularised in 1965 by Jean Shrimpton controversially wore a white mini shift dress to Derby Day in 1965. When asked, she claimed that the skirt was so short because Rolfe’s had run out of material when making it. Towards the mid 70’s we saw the return of longer midi dresses, but our mini dress returned to the spotlight throughout the 80’s and 90’s, before we saw the introduction of the micro-mini, a defining fashion statement of the 00’s. And the best part? While in the 60’s the mini skirt was marketed towards young women in their late teens and early 20’s, this is no longer the case as the return of this style in their later years saw women in their 40’s and 50’s rocking our favourite style!

It's no secret why this dress is one of our favourites, as it is made to show off your best features, in particular the lower half of your body. Don’t be afraid to show off those pins girls! One of our favourite tips to accentuate the legs further is to pair with low top trainers which help the legs look longer, giving you the illusion of height, but it’s also one of the most versatile styles.



You can pair with simple jewellery to allow the dress to be the statement part of the outfit, we love this necklace paired with a dress with a lower neckline. This dress would be the perfect way to pull this look off, as some simple jewellary would be the perfect way to finish off the super feminine look.



If you’re going for a dressed down style you can pair with a t-shirt and trainers for ultimate comfort, either with a solid coloured cap sleeved t-shirt, or if you’re looking for something more modern go for a sheer or mesh t-shirt and a dress with cami straps, like this look from daisy street.


Another perfect, relaxed look would be a mini dress with a denim jacket for the ultimate weekend ‘fit. This is a favourite of ours, with a denim jacket dressing down the outfit.



You can also wear this style well into the Autumn with an oversized cardigan. A lightweight mini dress gives you the perfect opportunity for layering, while the cardigan adds interest to the outfit. Pair with tights and boots and you’ve got our go-to Autumn outfit!



Looking for something more edgy? Why not go for a leather jacket and heels with your favourite mini dress? This is such a staple outfit for a night out, and the best part is that it requires minimum effort but will still leave you looking and feeling amazing!




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