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Posted by Kayleigh on 1st Feb 2022

Get Ready To Show Your True Colours In Our Latest Spring Drop!

You know the drill, if there's anything the GTT Gals love more than chocolate and crappy Netflix movies, it's our pastels and florals. We're big believers that there's nothing quite like the first big spring photoshoot of the year and I really think we might have outdone ourselves this year! After spending the past few months in our dark Autumn colours we've never been so excited to start wearing colours again, just in case you couldn't tell by looking at our technicolour, retro feeling new in section! But it can be difficult to wear these out there bright colours without feeling like there's a luminous pink spotlight shining directly on you, but here are some of our favourite ways of rocking these colours in a more understated way!

Firstly, when going for a top, it's better to stock with something with a lower neckline. When these bright colours are directly next to your face, it can often have an unflattering effect as they will usually reflect onto your face making your skin look washed out or ill in comparison.


Just as a pop of colour will add excitement and interest to an all neutral outfit, incorporating some earthy tones into your bright Spring/Summer wardrobe will give your outfits a more relaxed, laid back feel.


We love our statement pieces, but it can be so difficult to find the line between a unique statement piece and an overpowering outfit. We love mixing original, out there clothing along with more simple pieces to allow the pop of colour to be the talking point of your outfit, just like pairing these pink jeans along with a simple white bodysuit for an effortlessly cool vibe!


These beautiful bright colours and playful prints can often seem almost too feminine, but it's SO easy to balance this out with a leather jacket or biker boots for a more dramatic, masculine feel to make your most girly dresses ready for day to day wear!


While a full on outfit in the exact same shade can seem overpowering or "too much", an outfit with slightly differing shades gives the look a more effortlessly cool, streetstyle inspired feel. Just like this rose pink coat and blush top!



Looking to dip your tow into the world of wearing colours? It's super easy to start off with a brightly coloured tshirt. This look paired with blue jeans is the perfect way to pull off a relaxed, off duty look while bringing a personal touch to your outfit in a really subtle way. 



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