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Posted by Kayleigh on 13th Jul 2022

Get Out Those Tearaway Tracksuits Girls, The 90's Are Coming Back!

If there's anything we've learned in the past year, it's that fashion really is a cycle. There are so many trends that have been thought to be dead in the water, only to resurface 20 years later. Just looking at the trends of 2021, we saw the return of 70's styles throughout the Spring with plenty of blazers (something that we welcomed with open arms!), rich earthy tones, and flared jeans. In the months following this, we saw the long awaited (or in some cases, dreaded!) return of so many Y2K styles: cropped everything, Lizzie McGuire style platform heels, and so. much. pink! As we predicted at the end of 2021, the first few months of 2022 were majorly defined by 80's trends, bright colours came back with a splash (going on to be one of the biggest trends of the year: dopamine dressing!), while shoulder pads aren't quite back in style just yet, we can't turn down a statement puff sleeve, and our inner magpies have discovered a newfound appreciation of all things sequins that have us feeling disco ready. This brings us to the predicted Autumn/Winter trends. We've heard the rumours of skinny brows making a return (Big Mistake. Big. Huge), but we're not surprised. After all, nothing comes back stronger than a 90's trend, right? 

We've done our research (made a pinterest board of Jennifer Anniston's best outfits on Friends, listened to a LOT of Madonna and 90's boybands, and had a lengthy discussion of whether Leonardo DiCaprio looked better in Titanic or Romeo and Juliet) and what we've gathered was that 90's style was a whole journey. From grunge to glam, we're not sure what to expect from the comeback of the 90's but one thing that we're sure of, is that we're going back to basics! 

Let's start in the early 90's, shall we? While most exaggerated 80's styles were still going strong, the growing popularity of the likes of the late Kurt Cobain meant that grunge style was well and truly on the rise. 

Defined by flannel shirts (is there anything more 90's?), ripped tights, and combat boots (we...kinda love those big dumb combat boots?), this style peaked in 1994 and ended shortly after, yet is still somehow one of the defining aspects of 90's fashion. Almost 30 years later (let that sink in btw) is still one of the first things that comes to mind when we think of this era in fashion, which really is a sign of a great trend!

 Not only did this trend birth some really iconic style moments (Madonna's fishnet top, black vinyl jacket, and bold red lip anyone?) but brought attention to our beloved mom jeans (one of the best inventions since Google! Wait...maybe it's the other way around?)  for one of the first times. And for that, we will always be grateful!



Talk about contrast! As grunge style came to an end, the focus began to change to ultra feminine styles, with mini hemlines (we will not, I repeat, not, be wearing our mini skirts over trousers and that's all I will be saying on the subject) and slip dresses taking more of the spotlight. As we're well aware, this continued into the early 00's and has been a major trend since last summer, and one that we're super excited to hear is sticking around! 

This was also a major part of the "underwear is outerwear" trend, a phrase that we've heard plenty of in the past few months, which in the mid to late 90's was majorly influenced by supermodels, as slinky satin styles, babydoll dresses (We can't even explain how excited we are to live out our wildest Romy and Michelle dreams) and corsets became the norm. While we're not about to brave it in a full mesh dress à la Kate Moss, we love a good slip dress!

 The simplicity of a slip dress in particular is great example of the minimalist feel around fashion at the time, and we're excited to see how this will fare in the next few months in modern fashion, where the vibe of 2022 is still very much "more is more" After all, we've made no secret of our love of bold prints and bright colours right now!



If there's one person that majorly influenced 90's fashion (despite the fact that I've mentioned Madonna way more than I expected to in this blog already) it just has to be Princess Diana, who created one of the most iconic off duty looks with something as simple as cycle shorts, an oversized sweatshirt, and trainers. Again, the fact that this outfit still has a hold on us after all these years really says something about what an important and influential time this was in fashion (as well as the true power of nostalgia!) And one thing's for sure, this 'fit looks just as good now as it did then!



Moving onto the late 90's where hip hop culture had a major impact on fashion and had everyone channeling their inner All Saints with cargo trousers. And honestly, we're not quite sure why this trend ever went out of style but as lovers of pockets we're SO excited to see it coming back! After all, nothing has ever really came close in terms of functionality! 

While in the 90's this was more popular in men's fashion, we're seeing so many similar styles coming back in trend for ladies in the past few weeks. After all, why should we let men have all the fun? Come to think of it, we may just invest in a few Tamagotchis to fill those pockets and really relive our 90's dreams!


On a similar note, another major trend in the late 90's were baggy jeans, and it's no secret that this is a trend that stuck around for Y2K style and made a return last year. However, instead of being influenced by The Notorious B.I.G we're now influenced by Bella Hadid and Rihanna and pairing with more fitted tops for the perfect street style look. This period of time also saw a rise in popularity of the ultra flattering high waisted styles that we now love! Accessorise with your best snap bracelet and you're good to go!


I'll be honest here, I've practically written this blog in hopes of gently breaking it to you that full tracksuits are making a return. I broached this subject with the rest of the GTT Team during lunch today and I'd be lying if I said that it didn't result in plenty of groans and an in depth conversation about side ponytails, courtesy of Catherine, our resident queen of 90's nostalgia. While the Y2K Revival last year saw plenty of loungewear sets inspired by Juicy Couture, the return of 90's fashion is instead threatening promising the return of colourful windbreakers. This was an essential for casual streetwear in the 90's, despite Catherine making a point of reassuring me that "they weren't, like, nice ones though".  But here's where we draw the line, because we will absolutely not be swapping out our Bali leggings for button down joggers!



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