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Posted by Kayleigh on 22nd Sep 2021

From Couture to Toujours: Autumn Winter 2021 Trends

Every year we get major envy watching fashion week footage and every year I tell myself "I'm not putting myself through this again next year" yet, I'm still making the exact same mistake the next season. Why, you ask? Because I simply can't resist knowing what's set to be on trend this year! Next comes the difficult part: translating high fashion looks to a more relaxed look (Viktor and Rolf's iconic Duvet Coat from 2005 New York Fashion Week springs to mind here) But that's what we're here for! Who's ready to see what's set to be making it's way from the runways to our wardrobes this season?

Firstly, we have the rise of “dopamine dressing” (Didn’t know this was a thing? Me neither!) This is swapping out our beloved neutrals for highlighter tones, and although this may cause my capsule wardrobe dreams to crash and burn, I think I can get on board with this one! Wearing brighter colours, as seen all over runways this year, has been proven to lift our mood, and if both science and Versace say that it’s okay to continue to rock this mini dress well into the Winter months instead of putting it into storage with my summer clothes then who am I to argue? This is exactly what we need to cure those winter blues!


Next up: jeans! It’s no surprise that designers are favouring a wider leg this year, rather than a skin tight fit, but they also seem to be leaning towards a darker denim! While our wardrobes for the past few years have been seeing a lot of extremes when it comes to denim (I’m either wearing a relaxed light wash jean, or a dressy black pair, there is no in between!) A darker wash is the perfect way to give your weekend wardrobe a refresh, as well as being more slimming than it’s lighter counterpart! I’m still finding the transition from skinny jeans difficult, but that doesn’t stop me obsessing over these dark wash flares every time I spot my more fashion forward co-workers wearing them!


When it comes to outerwear, puffer coats are having a moment, and my favourite winter coat from the past few years and I could not be happier! Everyone knows that this is truly the most comfortable style, offering maximum warmth and now, thanks to the likes of Louis Vuitton, major trend points! If you need me, I’ll be right here debating the pros and cons of adding yet another coat to my already full wardrobe with this one from Noisy May!


After approximately 8 years of lockdown (exaggerating? Me? Never!) we’re ready to go out again and more than that, we’re ready to wear night out clothes again! What’s the occasion you ask? It’s the return of the mini skirt of course? And if that’s not an excuse to celebrate then I don’t even know what is! Mini skirts, and even micro mini’s have been making the comeback of the century-I meant what I said and I’m not going to take it back- and it might be the best think that’s happened to me this year-again, I meant what I said and I’m not going to take it back.


Is it truly Autumn without jumper dresses? Let’s be real here, even is this style wasn’t on trend. The GTT girls would still be wearing jumper dresses all Winter long. So can you imagine our joy when we found out that we can wear this style staple while still being bang on trend? Yes, we’re entering the days of making coffee just so the hot mug can warm up our hands, and yes I’ve already started wearing very unflattering fleeces over my pretty day dresses but we don’t care because with colder months comes all the cosy knit wear and let me tell you, it’s back with a bang this year!


Another staple for partywear this season is cut outs! This allows you to still revel in the remainders of Hot Girl Summer and show little glimpses of skin for a flirty look while still being comfortable! Opt for a keyhole cut out at the neckline of your dress, or a cold shoulder jumper for a more modest look or if you’re feeling brave, go for a cute strappy top! This cut out top from Only is one of my current faves


Two things we learned from The Devil Wears Prada: 1. The right shoes can make or break an outfit (Andy’s Chanel boots anyone?) 2. Florals for Spring are in fact not groundbreaking, but nobody ever said anything about florals for Autumn! This year however, we’re saying goodbye to our favourite ditsy florals and are swapping them out for bigger patterns with a more vintage feel. This black floral midi would be perfect for those Autumn occasions!


We hate to say that we saved the best for last but let’s face it, we did. Y2K fashion is coming back! This news may make some of you visibly flinch but as an office consisting of a lot of late 90’s/early 00’s girls who love nothing more than a trip down memory lane, we can’t wait to relive our youths with a new, modern twist! Think leather mini skirts instead of the bright pink micro mini’s that were so beloved in the 00’s. This cowl neck satin mini dress looks like it belongs in 2005, and we love it!



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