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Posted by Kayleigh on 30th Aug 2021

Dust Off The Picnic Blanket and Bring On The Cheeseboard! The Cottagecore Styles We're Living For Right Now!

Is it just us or is anyone else beyond obsessed with fashion aesthetics right now? From dark academia to fairycore (shout out to Meggie from our buying team for introducing us to this one!), it seems that everyone is pledging their undying love and loyalty to their favourite aesthetic. And the best part is, this is giving us a brand new way to express ourselves through fashion!

Here at GTT HQ we had a real cottagecore moment this summer. Give us all the floral midi dresses please! Cottagecore is inspired by simple living and self sufficiency, celebrating activities like baking and sewing. Lovers of this aesthetic might love earthy and natural colours, like green, brown, yellow, cream, or pastel and “naturally faded” colours such as sage green or dusty pink. This style usually favours longer, loose fitting clothing, delicate lace and embroidery, or patterns like floral or paisley.

How perfect would this dress from Ivy Lane be? We’re obsessed with the romantic sage green and dusty pink floral print. Meanwhile the flutter sleeves are a super flattering style on the upper arms while the tied waist adds definition and shape to the waistline. The button down front adds a sweet, feminine touch to the dress, while the sheer fabric from mid thigh down to below the knee is always a go to for a slimming effect on the legs.    


This cream milkmaid dress from Ivy Lane is another must for any cottagecore lovers! Firstly, how dreamy is this pink ditsy floral print? Like the above dress it has the sheer fabric from mid thigh to below the knee. I’m sure you all know by now that the sweetheart neckline is one of our all time favourite styles, ideal for subtly creating the illusion of curves, and the puff sleeves are always a good choice if you’re looking for a slimming effect on the arms. In addition to this, the shirred back means maximum comfort while still looking amazing! Don’t mind us, just making plans to spend the rest of our lives running through fields wearing this dress!


Sorry, can we just take a minute to talk about this blue floral midi skirt? This is the ultimate ‘fit for those relaxed picnic vibes, while also being SUPER cute and on-trend! The elasticated waist makes for maximum comfort, while the tiered style is so in right now. The lightweight fabric makes it ideal for summer, being comfortable and flowy and skimming over any little lumps or bumps.


This white mini dress from Brave Soul is the perfect way to celebrate simple living. The puff sleeves, as always, is a super flattering style on the arms and shoulders, while the band at the waist adds definition to the waistline and adds a lot of shape to the dress. Plus, how pretty is that frill hem paired with the embroidery? The perfect way to add a feminine touch to such a simple dress!


This blue floral top from Ivy Lane is one of our current style staples! The contrast between your arms and the flowy, sheer, oversized sleeves will create a super slimming look on the arms, while the button down front adds a sweet, feminine touch, and the peplum effect at the waistline will do a really great job of defining your waist while also skimming over the stomach area!



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