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Posted by Kayleigh on 9th Jun 2022

Dressing To Impress For Your Body Shape : Hourglass Shape

Ladies up and down the country are re-breaking in their heels, and are stocking up on their favourite tan. You know what that means girls? Occasions are back with a bang! But now with the added pressure of having to find the perfect dress to make an impression on your first occasion after a seemingly endless lockdown it can be even more difficult, one one way you’re sure to turn heads at your next occasion is by dressing to suit your body shape!

If you’ve got an hourglass shape, similar to Marilyn Monroe or Scarlett Johansson, you have that shape that we all try to achieve, congrats girl! Usually girls of this shape will describe themselves as curvy, with a defined waist and fuller bust, hips and thighs. Their shoulders and hips will generally be the same width, meaning that the body is naturally well balanced.

The aim here is to emphasise your waist further while still flaunting your curves! But don’t get me wrong, we know how hard it can be to dress in this shape and keep your silhouette balanced! You can do this by following the body’s natural shape and wearing clean, simple styles, just like this dress from Ivy Lane that won’t clutter the silhouette. The embellished tops that add balance to a pair shape can look top heavy on an hourglass shape, while the full skirts that will add curves to an apple shape can make the body look unbalanced on an hourglass girl!


Firstly, the neckline should be slightly rounded, rather than a noticeably wide or narrow neckline, as they won’t draw too much attention to the top. We always love scoop or sweetheart necklines on this shape, as they will show off your bust in a really subtle way, we're obsessed with the sweetheart neckline on this dress from Ivy Lane!                    


When it comes to sleeves, it’s always best here to go with a fitted sleeve that won’t widen the shoulder or hipline as a puff sleeve with loads of volume will. Fitted sleeves on an hourglass shape will do a great job of following the body’s curve in a super natural way. This doesn’t mean that you have to avoid our favourite puff sleeve dresses at all costs, but it’s always a good idea when wearing a shoulder enhancing sleeve, like a puff sleeve or something that gathers at the shoulders, to balance this out with extra volume at the bottom of the body as well. The below dress would be ideal, with the feminine frill at the bottom adding volume to the bottom half, that balances out the puff sleeves on the top half perfectly!                             


When it comes to the bottom of the dress, you have a lot more options! You just need to remember to stick with skirts that will accentuate the waist without adding too much bulk. Voluminous skirts will do a really great job of making the waist look even smaller, particularly when they’re a longer length that will hug the hips and fall from them naturally, rather than a shorter length that can tend to look boxy, or may hang at an angle off the hips rather than falling naturally in a more flattering way, as this one from Ivy Lane does.


Another great option is a fitted style. A bodycon style dress is always super flattering on this shape as it shows off your figure, hugging your curves at the bust, waist, and hips while visually elongating your body. The skirts of these dress will often cling to your body and come in at the waist. This style is even better in a clean, simple cut as we mentioned before, rather than having big pockets, ruffles, or other embellishments that might add volume to the hips. How cute is this one from Daisy Street?   


Looking for a jumpsuit instead? Well look no further! Just like dresses, it’s important to look for a jumpsuit that will follow and highlight your natural shape. Hourglass shapes should look for something that’s simple enough to avoid unbalance in the silhouette, but should always look out for a jumpsuit that’s belted to further define that tiny waist! We love this floral jumpsuit from Only Carmakoma! 



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