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20th Jan 2020

Dressing An Hourglass Figure

The ‘’hourglass’’ figure for many, is the ideal body type. Think Marilyn Monroe - curves to kill and an itty bitty waist. Wide bust and hips, narrow waist. I repeat.. wide bust and hips, narrow waist. Basically, it means emphasising the smallest part (the waist) so that your shoulders and hips are roughly the same width. Some are lucky enough to be born with it - others need a little assistance. Here’s a few fashion tips and tricks on what to and what NOT TO wear to dress that hourglass frame.


Both wrap dresses and wrap tops will have the same effect. Because they are tied at the waist, they will automatically draw attention to your smallest point under the bust. If you are busty and for an even more effective illusion - choose a wrap dress or top with a v-neck. This will make large busts look smaller and will elongate the figure by drawing attention downward. Find your perfect wrap dress here:

Belted Dresses

Never underestimate the power of a belt! Choose a dress with a thin belt under the bust to again draw the eye to your slimmest point. The best thing? You can buy a belt to match all those shapeless dresses you already have - YAY.

Fitted Tops

There are a few main options you can go for here - button down tops, tailored blouses/shirts, peplum tops and wrap tops. Again, tops are preferable in a v-neck. A button down top has just enough detail around the bust, and is usually fitted underneath to create that well-defined waist. Fitted shirts work the same - and they are at their best when tucked into a pencil skirt of high-waisted trousers! Peplum tops? Enough said - they do the work for you.

Shop tops:

High Waist Trousers

No wardrobe is complete without a good pair (or ten) of hight waist trousers. They will instantly elongate your legs. A pair with a thin belt is even better to draw attention the waist. And flares? Better again! Flared trousers will balance out your figure.


Here’s a the golden rule when purchasing jeans - BUY MID-HIGH RISE. Steer clear of low rise jeans if you’re looking for that killer shape or if your tummy conscious. They will be unflattering - trust me. Flares are best to balance the top and bottom and elongate the legs - but if they're too '70s for you, keep your skinny jeans mid-high rise.


The best advice I can give you is.. straight pencil or a-line. These shapes will sit high to define and lull you in at the waist, whilst skimming the hips. Keep it plain to avoid bottom heaviness though. Ruffles and a lot of fuss around the tummy is a no-no.


No - I’m not talking about Kardashian style corsets don’t worry! The correct underwear is crucial to enhance that figure. Rule number one is to make sure it fits correctly. Got it? Good! Now that you have that perfect set it will nip you in at the waist, boost your bust and smooth the tummy area.

Cropped Jackets

Show off your waist! A cropped jacket - or a cropped top - will automatically draw attention to where it ends, your waist! Why not invest in a new cropped denim jacket now coming into the Spring:

Belted Jumpsuits

A belted jumpsuit can be even more flattering than a dress- yep, I said it. Find one that cuts under the bust or that has a thin belt to enhance that waist and that hourglass body shape.

 Always keep that hourglass silhouette in mind, just think of.. an hourglass. Don’t forget to choose prints and colours that work for your size and skin tone - blog coming soon.

Flaunt those curves ladies! 


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