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Posted by Kayleigh on 2nd Sep 2021

Dress To Impress For Your Body Shape: Pear Shape

With restrictions being lifted and occasions opening up again one thing that’s been on our mind regularly has been how excited we are to get dressed up again, bring us our most dramatic false lashes and highest heels please! But it can be so hard to find the right dress for to make an impression for the first occasion after lockdown, but one solution guaranteed to turn heads: dressing to fit your bodyshape!

If you’re pear shaped, you might find that you have narrow shoulders, a smaller bust, a defined waist, and bigger hips and bum. Weight gain will tend to go to your hips, thighs, and lower midriff. You’re in good company girl, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce also have this shape! When dressing for this shape, your aim will be to add volume to the top to balance out the hips as well as bring attention to that tiny waist!

Remember those narrow shoulders? A structured shoulder (Think puff sleeves or padded shoulders) will widen the shoulder line and add balance to your body while a low, wide neckline such as a square neckline will widen and elongate the top and an embellished neckline with collars or a lace trim will add volume and will draw the eye to your slim top half. just like the below square necked dress from Ivy Lane. Dramatic sleeves will do a really great job of enhancing your slim upper body, but this can be difficult if you’re going for shorter sleeves try a wide and embellished style that will add volume, if you’re looking for longer sleeves you might want something a bit more tapered or fitted, to avoid any extra material around the hips.


Brighter colours are always great at the top that will draw attention upwards while textures, patterns and layers will create interest in the top. Fitted styles on the top of the body will accentuate your waist really nicely. When it comes to dressing your bottom half in this shape, it’s always best to play it down with darker colours and simple styles that won’t exaggerate your hips.

Dresses with ruffles or peplums at the hips will also add unnecessary volume to the bottom half. Instead, it would be best to go for a lightly gathered skirt that will skim over the body without adding too much volume. Below the knee styles or styles that end between the knee and calves will elongate your figure as well as being super slimming on the hips and thighs! While fitted skirts can emphasise your hips, a skirt that is too full can exaggerate your legs, so it’s good to find a dress that will fall between these two styles an A-line or fit and flare style will both be really flattering styles that will skim past the hips, just like this red polka dot dress!


If you’re not a dress gal, jumpsuits are always a good alternative, especially if they add volume to the top and skim over the hips! An off-shoulder style will do a really great job of this by exposing more of the chest which will balance out the hips. A flowy material on the legs will also be super slimming and flattering on the legs, compared to a skinnier or tapered leg that will accentuate the hips, this jumpsuit from AX Paris would be ideal!



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