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Posted by Kayleigh on 17th Jan 2022

Dress To Impress For Your Body Shape: Kibbes Romantic Body Type

Staring with the Theatrical Romantic Body Type: these girls will usually have a delicate bone structure and will be more petite in height with slightly sharp edges, such as the shoulders, jawline and cheekbones. They will usually have an hourglass figure with curvy hips and bust and a defined waist. Again, their facial bones will be small and delicate with large eyes, full lips, and soft cheeks. Both Rihanna and Mila Kunis have been common examples of this shape.

As you are a theatrical romantic, you will have both soft Yin elements (like your hourglass figure) as well as sharp Yang elements (like the sharp shoulders and jawline). It’s really important to accommodate for both elements. You can do this really easily with soft and relaxed clothing that includes waist definition. Rounded shapes will always look amazing on your body type and will really emphasise the feminine elements of your body. You can do this really easily with our favourite puff sleeve.


Again, it’s important here so go for something that’s slightly sharp at the edges, like our puff shoulders as mentioned above, a V-Neckline, or a tapered hemline such as a tulip style dress or skirt.


Next we’ll look at the pure romantic. These girls will have a modern to petite height, rounded or sloped shoulders and a delicate bone structure. They again will have that curved hourglass figure, with the defined hips, bust, and waistline. They will have fairly delicate facial features but may be wider around the face with a more rounded jawbone. They will again have the classic large eyes, soft cheeks and full lips just like the theatrical romantic. Helena Bonham Carter and Marilyn Monroe are both classic examples of this body type.

You will have very little sharp Yang elements in your shape, meaning that it’s always a good idea to go for rounded shapes such as circles or swirls with a lot of movement when it comes to your clothing.


As you will have a more defined waist, it’s important to emphasise it. While loose fitting clothing will bury your petite frame, you can really rock a fitted dress that will highlight those curves.


Another plus for this body type, is that you can go all our when it comes to intricate detailing throughout your clothing. This may seem to be “too much” on other body types but will really stand out against the softer, more curved shape of your body.


Due to your height, long dresses can often drown your petite frame, so it’s a great idea here to go for a shorter hemline that will compliment your height and delicate bone structure that little bit more.


Lastly, another aspect that will compliment your dainty bones is going for thin cami straps as opposed to thick straps which can almost seem too bulky on your shoulders.



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