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Posted by Kayleigh on 12th Jan 2022

Dress To Impress For Your Body Shape: Kibbes Natural Body Type

Let’s begin with the Flamboyant Natural Body Type. These gals will usually be very tall with large hands and feet, long limbs and broad shoulders. Their body will be fairly straight with a little bit more muscle definition than other body types while they will usually have prominent facial features such as nose and cheekbones. Their cheeks are usually taut to show off this amazing bone structure. Cindy Crawford is a great example of this shape.

A lot of our girls with these shapes will feel the need to downplay their shoulders, but this is never the case. It’s really important to see this area as one of your assets, and wear clothing to accommodate them, such as an open deep V neckline or a cowl neck. Princess Diana is another example of this shape, and who can forget her iconic “Revenge Dress”? This dress featured an off the shoulder neckline to really highlight her shoulders in such a lovely way.


Unlike the Sharp Yang angles of a Dramatic Shape, our Natural Shapes usually have more blunt or rounded edges. You can really use this to your advantage with softly tailored outfits that won’t be as sharp as a tailored jacket but will still add structure to your shoulders without making them seem more angular than they are.


As this body shape usually has a long horizontal line (because of their broad shoulders) as well as a long vertical line (legs for days!) a fitted style, particularly on the top half of the body, will make the shape seem blocky. It’s suggested that our Flamboyant Natural babes go for something with a softer, flowing fabric that will hang from the shoulders and hug the body in a more natural way.


Next up is a simple Natural Body Type. These girls will again be fairly tall with broad shoulders and quite a lean body shape. Their facial features may be wide and more blunt than the Flamboyant Natural shape.

Your body has a Soft Yang feel so you will usually look amazing in clothes with a relaxed, straight line and in a slimmer fit than the Flamboyant Natural Shape. Again, you may want to accommodate for your broad shoulders here with a wide neckline.


It’s no secret that waist emphasis can be really difficult for the Natural shape, as your body may be that little bit straighter and will not have as much of a defined waistline. Softly draping fabrics always do a great job of drawing attention to the waistline without seeming as if you’re trying to create curves in an unnatural way.


The Soft Natural body type will have a shorter figure but still may have slightly broad shoulders. They may be a little bit more curvy than other Natural types and will have a more defined waist, with full and rounded facial features. Heidi Klum is a common example of this shape. While you do have more feminine Yin elements than other Natural shapes, your body will still be mostly Yang, and it’s important that your outfit reflects this.

As you will have a more defined waist, it’s important to highlight this. You can still rock the relaxed fit, boho clothing that natural shapes are known for, but something as simple as tucking your shirt into your jeans will put an emphasis on your natural waist in such a subtle way.



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