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Posted by Kayleigh on 11th Jan 2022

Dress To Impress For Your Body Shape: Kibbes Dramatic Body Type

Our Dramatic body shape babes have often be described as sharp and angular. It may come as a shock but some of these girls may dislike these aspects of their body and try to hide their body or seem curvier. There is often no need for this, as all it takes is the correct clothing to really highlight the best parts of your body!

Firstly, the Dramatic body shape will usually have broad shoulders, long sinewy limbs and a seemingly straight body. When it comes with their facial features they will usually have prominent cheekbones, and a defined nose and jawline with almond shaped eyes.

When it comes to dressing this bodyshape, it’s often better to stick to your lines and avoid rounded details or forced curves. This is often as there’s not as many aspects of your body to compliment this detailing. Structured, tailored pieces inspired by menswear often look amazing on these bodies. You all know how much we love a classic blazer, well it just so happens that nobody can rock this style staple better than a dramatic body shape as the broad shoulders avoid the style from seeming too overpowering on the body.


Our go to has often be using clothing to create the illusion of a waistline but this can often be a mistake. When taking your facial features into consideration this can often stop the look from coming together, as the face will highlight the dramatic aspects of your body type while the illusion of curves will make the body seem more of a romantic body shape. While it’s a good idea to add a little bit of waist definition in a natural way that will skim the waist and hips rather than something that will make the waistline seem like the stand out part of the body. This satin midi dress would be perfect!


If you’re looking to add a little bit of softness to your outfit this is totally okay. If you’re a dramatic body shape that can’t help but love a little bit of the ruffle detailing or softer fabric like lace you can do this really easily by adding one softer element into your outfit. This is always a great way to balance out your look without making it seem incoherent.


When it comes to accessories it’s usually a great idea to go for something elongated and angular to really highlight your bone structure in a super natural way!


Our soft Dramatic girls will have a similar shape. Your bone structure and facial bones will be similar to a dramatic body type, so will be a little bit more sharp and angular with long limbs, while your body flesh (bust, waist and hips) and facial flesh (eyes, lips, and cheeks) will be a little bit softer, so you may find that you have more flesh in the bust and hips area which can cause more defined curves than a solely dramatic body shape, and you may find that your lips and cheeks are fuller than a dramatic body while your facial bones like your nose and jawline will be more defined and prominent.

When it comes to dressing this shape, it’s always a great idea to go for a longer dress that hugs the waist. This will be flattering on your tall frame and will also highlight your curves by drawing attention to your waist.As well as this, a V neckline  or a straight one like this one will create an angle to compliment the dramatic, more angular aspects of your body.


As you have elements of Yin (soft and rounded) and yang (straight and angular) in your body it gives you a lot more freedom when it comes to dressing for your shape, as you can find dresses that cater to both aspects of your body. You can do this really easily with a long dress and simple finish that will compliment the Yang aspects of your body, while a sweetheart neckline and waist details would do a great job of showing off your softer, Yin features.


One thing that our soft dramatic girls always look amazing in is oversized clothing. This trend has been one of our favourites in the past few years and looks great on this frame as your dramatic bone structure will stop the body from seeming as if it’s buried under too much material. But unlike a more dramatic shape it’s a good idea here to emphasise your waist which will flatter your curves in a really natural way.


If you want to avoid figure hugging bodycon-style dresses, we’ve got you covered! You can always go with a more loose fitting, draping dress that will flatter your figure just as much, but it’s best here to go for something with a heavier fabric that will still fall close to your curves in a natural way and won’t seem as if the body is hidden under loose fitting clothing.


Another perfect way of highlighting both aspects of your body would be to go for something high waisted. This will emphasise the curves at your waist and hips, while the long line created by this style will compliment the more dramatic part of your shape, such as your tall frame and long limbs.



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