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Posted by Kayleigh on 13th Jan 2022

Dress To Impress For Your Body Shape: Kibbes Classic Body Type

We’ll start with the dramatic classic body type! These gals will generally have a symmetrical bone structure that’s balanced throughout and will have a straight frame that may be slightly wide. Their shoulders will usually be fairly narrow. They may be short waisted and have proportionate curves throughout the body.

The main feature of your body type is that it’s balanced and symmetrical so your top and bottom need to be balanced when choosing your clothing. This means that it’s better to avoid going from clothing that’s overly detailed and feminine, or overly sharp and masculine. The main thing you want to do here is choose something that’s not too clingy or voluminous, rather a dress in between that will enhance the symmetry of your shape.


Although your body will usually feature both Yin and Yang aspects, your bone structure may lean towards Yang. You can really put a natural emphasis on this by going for something with a simple padded shoulder.


Another great way to show off your Yang undercurrents would be strong prints such as stripes or slashes. This also means that your silhouette hasn’t been taken over by loud colours and overpowering abstract prints, as a repeated print doesn’t take attention away from the figure.


Next up: the Classic body type. This is another shape that will be very symmetrical but slightly sharp and angular. The shoulders will usually be tapered while the facial features will be symmetrical and defined. As they feature both Yin and Yang elements, these body types will usually not be very curvy or have a completely straight body, and will again be balanced or be between the two body shapes.

Again, it’s important here to go for a dress with sharp Yang features as well as soft Yin features, as this will highlight your symmetric shape. A dress that will create the illusion of curves will often throw the look off and almost seem “try-hard”.


While our Classic shapes to have a little bit more waist definition it’s important to find the line between emphasising this without going overboard and throwing the look off balance. You can do this really easily with a narrow, understated belt.


Finally, the Soft Classic Shape. These girls will often have a symmetrical bone structure with slightly rounded edges and an evenly proportioned bust, waist and hips. Their face will be symmetrical with large eyes and soft cheeks while their facial contours such as the nose and jawline will be small and wide. Naomi Watts is a great example of this shape.

As this body shape has more feminine Yin aspects, you can really highlight this with soft, draping fabrics. With this in mind, it’s still important that the dress isn’t too relaxed fitting or voluminous as this can drown the body or take away from the symmetrical shape.


When wearing separates, it’s important to keep the same colours throughout the look to keep your silhouette coordinated and blended. This doesn’t automatically mean that you should only wear matching co-ords, but can really be as simple as matching your jacket to your shoes to create a balanced look.




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