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Posted by Kayleigh on 28th Jun 2022

Dress To Impress For Your Body Shape: Athletic Shape

Is it just us or are our weekends busier than ever this year? With all of the long awaited Christenings, hen parties, birthdays and weddings, it seems that December has officially lost it's reputation as "party season" and June-July is taking over! And we’re loving it, any chance to get dressed up, right? But dressing for occasions does come with it’s complications. The main complication just so happens to be: “what will I wear?” Luckily we’ve taken it upon ourselves to take a deep dive into the best styles for your body shape, you can thank us later!

If you have an Athletic shape, similar to Katie Holmes and Kate Hudson, then your body may not be as curvy and you might describe it as “straight up, straight down”. While your shoulders and hips will be proportional and will generally be the same width, your waist may not be as defined. But the plus side is, this is a super easy style to dress, as almost everything looks AMAZING on you and will complement your figure well!

Your main aim here is to define your waist, you can do this really easily by adding volume to the top and bottom of your body or by visually pulling in the waist. A dress that is a belted style or that nips at the waist will really do a great job of pulling in your waist to add definition, just like this dress from Pieces, where the belted detail really draws the eye to the waistline and helps create that hourglass silhouette!                               


When it comes to necklines, you can either go for a rounded neckline that will add the illusion of curves to your upper body, while lower, wider necklines will lengthen the shoulder and bust area. A great example of this is the sweetheart neckline, which will create the illusion of curves at the bust. It might be better to stay away from a square neckline that may make you look more square. If you want to accentuate the slim look you can go for a narrow neckline such as a halterneck or turtleneck. Another great way of adding volume to the neckline is by embellishments such as collars or lace. This sweetheart neckline on our Ivy Lane Mini Dress would be perfect!                                             


Statement sleeves are a good way of drawing attention to the top of the body and of adding volume to this area. A rolled or cuffed sleeve would be the perfect example of this, as would a loose, wide sleeve. It’s always a good idea to avoid a shapeless sleeve, such as a fitted sleeve that will follow your natural shape rather than adding volume or curves. The cuffed sleeve on this dress from Ivy Lane would be ideal!                                           


When dressing the bottom of your body, it’s always easy to use the skirt of your dress to add volume to the bottom half of your body. Details such as ruffles, ruching or pleats is a surefire way of doing this, while a straight skirt will follow your natural silhouette. We're obsessed with the pleated skirt in this stunning Closet London dress!                                         


When it comes to skirts, you can also use this to define your waist with skirts that will be nipped in at the waist and flare out, this will also add volume to your hips. It might be best here to avoid angular A-Line dresses that might make you look boxy, rather than adding shape to your body, and instead go for styles that might be more balanced on the top and bottom, adding curves to both halves of your body, and defines the waist. You can also use shorter hemlines here to show off those pins, just like this mini dress from Ivy Lane!                                


As mentioned above, belted styles will change the shape of any dress, so can often be as easy as adding a belt to a dress to help you define your waist further. Wrap dresses will be another perfect choice here, that will pull in the waist as well as lift the bust and create the impression of curves, similar to this wrap mini dress!                                            


If you’re not into dresses, don’t worry girl, did you really think we would leave you out? A jumpsuit should soften an angular figure by using pleats or ruching at the bust or hips. Wide legged styles are super flattering and will add volume to the bottom of the body, while a belted style is a must have when it comes to defining the waist, this wide legged jumpsuit would be perfect!             



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