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Posted by Kayleigh on 3rd Jun 2022

Dress To Impress For Your Body Shape: Apple Shape

So we’re finally on our way back to life as normal, and most people are busier than ever with occasions almost every weekend, from family occasions such as communions and confirmations, to the weddings that are finally going ahead after over a year of waiting. But one thing that we haven’t missed has been trying to find the perfect dress for those occasions! But one thing that’s sure to leave you feeling amazing is finding the right dress to fit your body shape!

If you have an apple shape, similar to Kate Winslet and Tyra Banks, you may have wider shoulders while your waist may not be as defined, and any weight gain will tend to fall around your stomach. And as any body shape has a plus side, our apple shape girls tend to have great legs, okay legs eleven!

You might find with this shape that a lot of clothes can make you feel top-heavy so it’s all about finding the right clothes to balance this out and add curves to the lower body! This ultimately de-emphasises the mid-section and visually pulls in the waist. It’s always great here to go for softer fabrics that will avoid unnecessary bulk around the waist and tummy area, or more structured garments that will hide any extra weight. The flowy skirt of this style  does a great job of adding volume to the bottom of the body and drawing the eye to the legs!


Lower necklines such as a v neck always look amazing on this shape, and do a really good job of making the body seem longer as well as breaking up the chest. This is made even more flattering by a style that will skim over the midsection but nip just below the bust to life the chest while also defining the waist! This embroidered style would be perfect! 


Wrap dresses are always such a great choice when it comes to occasion wear as they will wrap at your natural waistline to add more definition to your waist and flare out at the hip while concealing the stomach area. As well as that, the tie at the waist means that you can tighten and loosen it as much as you want for ultimate support and comfort!


When it comes to sleeves it’s always best to accentuate the upper body and arms. Anything with detailing, such as cuffs or a gathered sleeve will take attention away from the midriff, while loose, flared sleeves, or a flutter style just like the ones in this midi dress from Ivy Lane will build volume on the upper body instead of the mid-section.


When it comes to dressing the lower half of your body, it’s always best to find something that will add volume which will balance out the wider mid-section and your slim legs, such as a flare dress. While a tiered or ruffled skirt can often bulk the tummy area, any hemline details such as the frill hem in this mini dress will draw attention away from the stomach and towards those fab legs of yours, don’t be afraid to show them off girl! A flared hemline is always such an easy way to balance out the shoulders!                         


Not a dress girl? Don’t worry, we have you covered! While fitted jumpsuits will highlight the body’s silhouette and can easily be unforgiving (I’ve learned this the hard way!), it’s SO easy to find the right jumpsuit to flatter your body and have you feeling super comfortable and confident. Wider, short legged jumpsuits, such as a culotte style, will bring attention to your legs while a wrap style will do a great job of defining your waist and showing off your bust. How ideal would this orange jumpsuit be?



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