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Posted by Kayleigh on 7th Apr 2022

Dress Styles To Flatter The Arms

It can be difficult enough to find occasion dresses, never mind find styles that will compliment the parts of your body that you're less comfortable with! But when it comes to covering your arms there are a number of ways of doing this in a super subtle, flattering way!

When we're that little bit more conscious about our arms, the thought of wearing an off the shoulder style seems like the worst idea as we fear that they'll draw attention to the arms. But these style can often have an opposite effect as they draw the eye away from the arms and towards the exposed shoulders. Another aspect of this dress that we love is the fact that while still showing that little bit of skin on the shoulders, the sleeves will still cover the top of the arms to make for total comfort!


One way to draw the attention away from the arms is to draw it to another area of the body. A wider neckline, like our beloved square neckline, will draw the attention towards the centre of the body and the face rather than the side of the body and the arms. The lightweight chiffon material of the sleeves here will cover the arms without them being completely hidden!


What better way to draw attention away from the arms than to draw the eye to your waistline? A super simple way of doing this was through a wrap dress to really define the waist and lift the bust. Not only will this draw the eye away from the arms, but will create a distance between your arms and the rest of your body in a super subtle way for a flattering look!


Another way that we love of hiding the arms is a dress with a looser sleeve. This never fails to have a slimming effect on the arms due to the fluttering effect that flows around the arms rather than a tighter sleeve than can be restricting, so not only will this sleeve be more flattering on the arms but it will be more comfortable. This is also a great way of adding an element of interest to your outfit!


When going for a longer sleeve it's often a good idea to go for something with a 3/4 length sleeve that will end at the most narrow part of the arm and will draw attention to the waistline to further draw attention away from the top of the arms!



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