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Posted by Kayleigh on 19th Dec 2021

Did Someone Say Party? We're Obsessed With These Curve Styles!

There was a point in early November where this dress was all we could talk about. It was the first thing our eyes were drawn to when a rail full of the beginning of our party wear was wheeled into our office, and for at least a week our first words to anyone that walked through the door was "did you see that black fringe dress?!" This dress really is a statement in itself. The black and silver fringe detailing throughout stops the eye from being drawn to one particular part of the body while the on-trend mesh at the top means that you can still show up a little bit of skin all while being 100% comfortable. Not only that, but the above the knee style has such an elongating look on the legs, which can often make the body look longer and slimmer.


Not a dress girl? Say no more! Leathers are always a go to for us when it comes to party wear for the simple reason that they're dressy and add a little bit of edge to an outfit so you can still get dressed up without worrying about the whole shaving and tanning hassle, only to regret it when you're shivering while waiting on your taxi home and being so jealous of the girls had the thought to wear jeans. We've all been there! While most of us might cringe at the thought of leather look trousers (I just know I would have a Ross from Friends moment) the relaxed fit of this pair is super flattering. As it's more fitted around the top they will add a little bit of waist definition and hug the hips to really emphasise those curves, the looser leg style will have a super slimming effect on the bottom of the body while also being comfortable!


As much as we love a statement, there's something so classy about this olive wrap dress! The wrap style is flattering on almost any bodyshape, but is particularly flattering on our curvy girls! The V neckline elongates the torso and lifts the bust, while the tie detail at the waistline really pulls in the waist for that hourglass look. But we just love the frill detail throughout the dress. This is such a great method of covering the tummy and mid section in a really subtle way while still hugging the hips for that hourglass shape.


How ideal would this black lace dress be for Christmas day? I love the feminine feel that the lace detailing brings to what could be such a simple dress while the button down front really adds to this. The slight pleats throughout the skirt covers the stomach and mid section in such a natural way, while the mesh lace detail at the neckline and sleeves will again show off that little bit of skin while still being comfort. But what really makes me love this dress is that little detailing at the bottom where the lace is longer than the black lining underneath the dress. This really has an elongating and slimming effect on the legs. What more could you ask for?


As if I could end this blog with a dress that isn't this head turner! You might have heard us say once or twice (or 50 times) in the past few weeks that sequins are a major trend this year, and we've really been seeing this with this sequin dress! You know just how much we love the square neckline for showing off the skin, and this neckline also happens to have an ever so slight curve at the bust which really highlights your curves in such a lovely way. The puff sleeves are always such a flattering style as it has this slimming effect on the arms!



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