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Posted by Kayleigh on 12th Sep 2021

Change Up Your Morning Routine With Our Spotlight Kit For Bad Breath

Bad breath affects most of us from time to time, with up to 50% of people experiencing persistent bad breath, and we know how much this can impact your self esteem! The Spotlight Kit for Bad Breath features 3 products to completely change your daily routine: A specially formulated toothpaste for gum health, a foaming mouthwash for bad breath, and a mouth spray for bad breath.



Firstly, the toothpaste included in this kit contains sodium fluoride, which will help fight decay and bacteria that may cause cavities. Fluoride is a natural mineral that works during the demineralization and remineralization processes that naturally occur in your mouth (the acids found in bacteria and sugar attacking your enamel, and minerals like fluoride and calcium reuniting with your enamel through consuming food and water to build it back up). Too much loss of minerals in this process can lead to tooth decay, which it’s why it’s important to use toothpaste containing fluoride to coat the outside of your teeth and keep those pearly whites healthy!

The kits also contain zinc lactate and zinc acetate, both of which work to freshen the breath with long lasting results. Zinc is another natural mineral, that reduces the formation of plaque on the teeth greatly.

Both the mouthwash and mouth spray contain zinc citrate, which can help freshen breath by reducing the impact of odorous compounds (Volatine Sulfur Compounds-or VSCs) that can often be produced in the mouth by bacteria.


Using a combination of clean, clinically proven oral care solutions daily will help to combat the source of bad breath for long-lasting results. It’s best to use the toothpaste from this kit for bad breath twice daily, the mouthwash for bad breath in between meals, and keep bad breath at bay while on the go with the specially formulated spray for bad breath (we can see this one very quickly becoming a handbag essential.


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