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Posted by Kayleigh on 18th Aug 2022

Calling All 2023 Brides, These Are The Expected Wedding Trends Next Year!

While a lot of you will know that GTT is a family run business, literally beginning on Anne's dining room table, a lot of you will be unaware of another business that the GTT team find ourselves fawning over just as much. Pearls and Lace is a Bridal Boutique opened by Anne and Tina's youngest sister Carole, and let me tell you, from the nibbles and bubbly on arrival, to the stunning dresses, to the most lovely (*cough* and best dressed *cough*) team, Pearls and Lace is a whole experience. When it comes to anything from prosecco emergencies (the worst kind of emergencies), to last minute gifts, to the endless messages of "can we use your bathrooms today/can we do a photoshoot over in the shop today/our steamer's broken, can we steal yours?" the Pearls and Lace girls have been our go-to for the past few years! So of course we couldn't have a wedding theme without Carole's help!

Okay so we'll start at the beginning! Can you tell us all about Pearls & Lace and how it started

I loved the wedding planning process myself and I didn’t want to let this phase go. I actually considered starting a wedding blog after I got married, blogs were totally new then and there weren’t many wedding blogs. I thought about a bridal shop when I was getting married and after two years I kept coming back to the wedding industry. One day when driving home from work, I was thinking about it and thought if I don’t do this (open a bridal shop), I will regret it for the rest of my life so just like that on a whim, I decided I was leaving my job and going to set up a bridal shop. I love the area of customer experience and events and all things business so it was the perfect industry for me.

I started alone and we now are a team of 8 with 5 private fitting rooms which means most Saturdays we can have 5 brides together privately. The business has been successful beyond my dreams and I am very proud of the team and all we have achieved. It really is the most unique industry and I love it now more than I did starting out 8 years ago.

If you were to do it all over again, is there anything you would do about your own wedding?

I wish I could do it all over again! There isn’t much I would change, I had 2 dresses and I didn’t even work in bridal so now I’d probably have a lot more! LOL I’d probably add a lot more things now that weren’t really a thing when we got married 10 years ago… LED dancefloors, icecream or coffee cart at the hotel, I love the details and more would be more for me!

We know that pearl detailing was major this year! Can you give us any hints about expected trends for 2023?

We’re seeing lots of comebacks in 2023- the voluminous sleeves from the 80s are making a comeback with a modern twist. Strapless dresses are also coming back, we’re getting a lot more brides looking for strapless necklines and loving it. Sweetheart is one of the most flattering necklines which is why it has been so popular so expect to see more of these.

Overskirts, pearls and bows will remain really strong trends. But we think the biggest trend that will be prevalent next year is slits, they add a sexy, modern twist to even the most traditional ball gown. Slits are a total vibe and we are here for it.

Is there anything the bride should have in her makeup bag?

Chalk- great quick fix for on the day stains and marks)

My other makeup bag/ clutch essentials would be


Chewing Gum

Plasters (my shoes had my feet cut!)

Money- I got to the bar and had to look for someone I didn’t mind asking to buy me a drink! LOL

Do you have any advice for upcoming brides

The old cliche ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ but it’s very true. The day itself will go by so quickly- enjoy the run up, you never will have a more exciting time than before your wedding so make the most of it. Make everything about the planning a celebration and enjoy making memories with everyone around you. And for anyone not sure about getting a videographer….do it!

What have been your favourite memories in Pearls & Lace

I will always remember my first ‘yes’, a girl (Nicola) travelled with her mum and dad to see a particular dress and she loved it! The whole journey was so magical for me, seeing her fittings and getting her photos the morning after the wedding.

The novelty of helping a bride find her dress never wears off, each one is unique and as special as the last so I have so many fond memories. Particularly helping people I know, friends and family find their dress is a real honor.

Plus I have the best team here and I have so many memories with them. We've been through alot together from pandemics to babies. We get on great so we have a lot of ‘craic’ and we’re really excited to get traveling again now to bridal shows and making more memories.

We might be biased but Pearls and Lace have the most stunning wedding dresses. You can see them here:\


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