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Posted by Kayleigh on 17th May 2022

Building Your Ivy Lane Capsule Wardrobe!

One thing you need to know about the GTT Team: On average, 2 out of every 3 members of the GTT have absolutely zero impulse control when it comes to clothes. Budgeting? Never heard of it. Throwing out an old piece of clothing for every new one that we buy? We could never. Actually having enough self control to create a wardrobe of only the basics? Are you joking? And I suspect that the main reason for this (aside from the fact that we're one another's worst influences) just so happens to be the Ivy Lane brand. Quite bittersweet that our own exclusive brand would be the downfall of our dream capsule wardrobes, isn't it? But it's really as simple as the fact that we can never say no to our florals and girly dresses...SUE US! So after one too many days spent in denial over our rapidly declining bank balances (and the dirty looks that we're guaranteed when we bring yet another new dress home) we've decided that it's time to beat the system, and create the real capsule wardrobe of dreams, using our beloved Ivy Lane styles!

In a time where fashion is super exciting and fun, with bright colours and statement prints taking centre stage, the classic LBD has taken a back seat and can often be seen as the safe option. And I won't lie to you, we're two seconds away from traveling the country armed with picket signs and a megaphone screaming "LITTLE BLACK DRESSES AREN'T BORING, THEY'VE CARRIED THE FASHION INDUSTRY FOR YEARS!" Case and point: This Broderie Style! The sweetheart neckline is a great way to create the illusion of curves, while the mini length is our personal favourite way to cheat Kendall Jenner style mile long legs! The broderie detailing here also brings the sweetest feminine style to such a simple dress. And, like any LBD worth its salt, this style can be dressed up or down and will get you through many last minute plans!


We're firm believers that no matter how full our wardrobes are, we always need another pastel dress. But if we had to (and I mean absolutely had there are absolutely no other options) narrow it down to just one dress I think it would be this pink knot front style! A light dress is one of our summer essentials, in particular when it comes to occasions and nights out! This style also just so happens to be super flattering due to that knot detail to add shape and definition to the waistline while covering the tummy and mid section in the most subtle way!


We've never made a major secret of the fact that we're major lovers of a floral midi, which is exactly why we love this style from Ivy lane! The square neckline is one of our current favourite neckline styles as it shows off that little bit of skin while offering more comfort than a deeper V neckline. The puff shoulders add a little bit of volume to the top of the body which is balanced out really nicely by the tiered skirt that adds the same volume of the body. Not only this, but this style also just so happens to be super versatile as it can be paired with trainers for a relaxed day to day look, or with heels for dinner with the girls!


As much as we love a white button down (and just so happen to have several in our not-so-capsule wardrobes!), if you're looking for something a little more feminine than this essential then this style from Ivy Lane is perfect! Again, the sweetheart neckline here is a great way to create the illusion of curves while the exaggerated sleeves make for a flattering effect on the arms by creating a visual distance between the arms and the material of the sleeves. To finish it off, the broderie detail adds the sweetest feminine touch to such a simple top! We love to dress this style down with relaxed fit jeans for the perfect day to day look!


We've made no secret of our love for a good old blazer (we've only been practically raving about them for the better part of a year!) But really, can you blame us? This is yet another wardrobe essential with endless possibilities. It can be worn over your favourite jeans and top combos to really show people who's boss, worn as part of a trouser suit for the ultimate power move, or paired with a floral mini dress and heels to add a more masculine feel to such a feminine style. But however you choose to style it, we know you'll be turning heads!


A midi slip skirt goes an awfully long way! This style never fails to flatter as the lightweight material hangs from the hips and naturally follows the shape of the body. This is yet another super versatile style that can be dressed down with a slogan t-shirt for a casual, relaxed feel or paired with a bodysuit for a flattering, streamlined look to highlight the silhouette!



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